Mail Archiver X protects one of your Mac-based small business' most important assets. Your Email.

Price for Mail Archiver
- Keep your emails safe
- Archive with one click
- Make your email client fast again




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Archive with one click

Archive from Mail Archiver automatically

After you've set up archiving, future archives can be created automatically with the scheduler component. And these are smart archives - taking only what you have not archived before.

Email clients and services

Mail Archiver X: Email clients and services

All major email clients are supported: Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook, Entourage, Powermail, Postbox and Thunderbird. Of course, Gmail and Exchange are supported, too.

Protect and speed up

Mail Archiver X: Protect and speed up

Archive as much of your email as you want, or archive and speed up your email client by removing the mails from the mail client.

Find your mails easily

Mail Archiver X: Find your mails easily

Search archived email as easily as you search email today.

Automatic verification

Mail Archiver X: Automatic verification

Mail Archive X automatically checks and verifies as good whenever mails are added to an archive.

Flexible export formats

Mail Archiver X: Flexible export formats

Easily export your email to Evernote, pdf, Filemaker or other formats to suit your needs.

What are users saying about Mail Archiver X:

Doug W.: I have really appreciated your prompt response on fixing things. I feel much more secure now that I have archived years of email into FileMaker. I archived 89,500 emails. Thank you!

Chris S.: Thanks ... This is a truly brilliant little application, well done!

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New in Mail Archiver X 3.1:

Version 3.2 of Mail Archiver X greatly improves the export to Filemaker and makes archiving faster.

Read more about what's new in Mail Archiver X 3.2.

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