Mail Archiver, Moth Software and Heartbleed

One of the main topics last week on the internet was the Heartbleed bug, which affects secure communication. Moth Software and Mail Archiver use this in different areas.

What is Heartbleed?

The main website for the Heartbleed bug says that

[t]his weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet... Read more

Beta 6 of Mail Archiver 3.1 is available.

Main new features are:

  • Directly archive from one Imap account.
  • Support for MailTags was added.
  • Archiving is now 20% faster.
  • Support for Retina displays was added.

Some of the other new features:

  • There is now a check for free space on the volume on the archive.
  • Trash and spam mailboxes can be be archived.
  • Modernized look.
  • Duplicates are now recognized when exporting to pdf.
  • The search has been moved to the toolbar.
  • Added a window menu.
  • Improved the speed of loading of attachment previews.
  • When archiving to Filemaker has problem the cache archive is copied to the desktop.
  • Export to Filemaker is now independent of the layouts.
  • Mailboxes with similar names like Sent and Sent Messages are now archived to the same mailbox.
  • Added information about attachments.
  • Sub-mailboxes can now be excluded from archiving.
  • Added a check for creating files larger than 4 GB... Read more

Archiving mail from Airmail and Mailmate

So you ditched Mail or Outlook for one of the newer mail clients Airmail or Mailmate, but Mail Archiver doesn't support these. What now?

Go direct with Imap

For both mail clients you can archive via Imap... Read more

Mavericks, Gmail and AppleMail

Apple screwed up with handling Gmail in AppleMail with Mavericks. 10.9.2 was supposed to finally fix this... Read more

Mail Archiver 3.0.5 fixes a bug introduced in 3.0.4

Mail Archiver 3.0.5 fixes only one bug where dates weren't written correctly in some cases to the preferences. This caused the app to misbehave - especially the scheduler. An update is recommended for all users of 3.0.4.

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