Amazon introduces WorkMail

Google has Gmail. Microsoft has Outlook and Exchange and Office 365. Now Amazon is getting WorkMail. At the moment this is in the preview phase. I haven't heard any big announcements, yet.

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Is your email one of your single point of failures?

I live in the Rhine-Main-area of Germany, which is very densely populated with more than 5 millions of humans. On the western side there is the large river Rhine, which has 3 bridges only in our area. One of these bridges is very old and a new one is being built. During the construction the old bridge was damadged and is now unoperable for the time being. This caused a huge huge traffic jam on the first day after the bridge was damadged.

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Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 4 is available

Beta 4 again fixes some problems:

  • Archiving Imap is working again.
  • Fixed a problem with archiving umlauts when archiving Gmail in Mail.

In the last second I had seen that archiving from Imap returned too much data for beta 3. A second version didn't work because of a problem overwriting the application in the installer...

Archiving from Filemaker is still in progress. So far I haven't been able to reproduce the problems.

Outlook for iOS

Last week Microsoft released an Outlook version for iOS. Outlook for Windows is a total utter complicated mess. The Macintosh version is a less complicated mess but prone to corruption and slowdowns. So I was really curious how a new Outlook for iOS would look and behave.

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Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 3 is available

Beta 3 again fixed some problems when archiving especially for Gmail, which seems to be a moving target.

  • Improved archiving from Gmail in AppleMail.
  • Fixed some problems when archving.

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