Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 7 is available

Beta 7 is again a bug fix release:

  • Fixed a problem with all Outlook scripts failing. Outlook is now addressed with it's full path.
  • Printing works again on Yosemite.
  • When Postbox can't be quit there is now an error message.
  • Mailboxes with a "\" in the name can be archived again from Outlook.
  • Exporting to Filemaker works again.

Office 2015 Preview - First look at Outlook

The last Office version for the Mac was from 2011, which is ages ago in computer time. It's also had some security problems as it wasn't able to handle Gmail accounts for the high security settings anymore.

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Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 6 is available

Version 3.2 beta 6 fixes some bugs and crashes:

  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred when opening an archive.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented archiving from Outlook.
  • Fixed a hard crash when reading huge mbox files.
  • Fixed a few problems when archiving to Filemaker.

Mail Archiver X works again on 10.10.3

The latest public beta fixes the crash problem for Mail Archiver X on 10.10.3.

Mail Archiver crashes on 10.10.3

Currently there is a bug with 10.10.3 that prevents Mail Archiver from working and makes it crash. At least this happens when archiving from Mail. As this is a problem with the file system there is no chance that I can fix this myself. According to my information the bug should be fixed "real soon".

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