Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 2 is available

A first beta of a new version is always a surprise: what will work and what will bomb. So there is nothing special about the bug fixes below:

  • Improved archiving from Gmail in AppleMail.
  • Fixed a problem with the installer.
  • The scheduler now quits correctly.
  • Fixed some problems when archving.

Worst release ever

When I wrote the above text everything was okay. During the upload of the new version my ISP had a power outage. When the power came back 6 hours later it was already evening. Then I tried to upload again. The upload speed was about 2 kb/s like in the beginning of the 90s and the 50 MB of Mail Archiver took about 3 hours.

Now everything should be back to normal.

VAT Changes

Starting 1-Jan-2015 value-added tax (VAT) rates for software will change for all countries in the EU. VAT will be calculated based on the country of the customer instead of only being applicated for Germans.

Fastspring will handle this automatically. As before a net price will shown at the beginning and a gross price will be calculated as soon as the country has been entered.

Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 1 is available

The main new features in Mail Archiver 3.2 are the new Filemaker export and the speed increase when archiving.

While the user interface hasn't changed Mail Archiver now uses a more reliable method to export/import the data to Filemaker. Mails are now being written to the archive about 20% faster.

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2014 almost gone

The last months have been pretty quiet here at Moth Software. And now another year is almost over. Me being quiet had 2 reasons.

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Time for renewal - of the electronic sort

While I'm not superstitious the electronics always seem to fail in 3's. At least this was the case with me in Autumn.

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