Mail Archiver 3.1 beta 9 is available

Mail Archiver 3.1 continues to evolve. The latest beta 9 adds some utility functions and fixes some bugs.

  • Fixed a problem with app signing.
  • Added some utility functions like the ability to send session logs from the installer.
  • Optimized the start sequence when opening an archive.
  • When closing/opening an archive the selection of the mailbox is now remembered.

RIP Nikolaus the Siamese: June 2010 - June 2014

Nikolaus was a lively Siamese who came to our household in October 2010. He was so very curious and a good mouse catcher - which I always had to kill. A year ago he developed an inflammation of the heart muscle where he almost died. It took him some weeks to recover. Since then we had to do a heart ultrasonic every few months. But other than that he was okay. 

On Tuesday he went outside to catch some mice and suddenly he was dead. We will miss you, little guy. Our other Siamese Felix is now totally lonely.

Mail Archiver, Moth Software and Heartbleed

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Beta 6 of Mail Archiver 3.1 is available.

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Archiving mail from Airmail and Mailmate

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