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Does Moth Software collect personal information about me?

If you are browsing our website, we don't collect any personal information about you. This website uses Google Analytics, which is a free service offered by Google that generates statistics about how you visit our website.

We may ask you for and collect personal information, such as your name, email address, postal address and phone number, when you

  • purchase something on our website
  • subscribe to an email newsletter or the RSS feed

If you buy from us the ecommerce company Fastspring will receive your credit card number. Buying from Fastspring is secure, so that your credit card number can't be stolen. Moth Software doesn't get this information. We will keep records of your purchase so that you can track your purchase.

If you have a bug then you need to send us an error report. This report contains personal information like the names of your mailboxes and very few subjects of your mails. This information is treated as confidential.


What does Moth Software do with my personal information?

We use personal information related to an order to process the order. We may contact you by email if there are problems with the order. Other personal information like the error reports are used to fix bugs.


Does Moth Software share my information?

We never share any of your personal information like your email address, phone number or information from your mail.


Does Moth Software store information on my computer ("cookies")?

Moth Software doesn't use cookies. 


Why does Mail Archiver X want to access my address book?

Only the "me" card from the address book is read by Mail Archiver X when you send us an error. The "me" card is used for getting you name and email address so that you don't have to type it in. No other information is accessed.


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