What's new in Mail Archiver X Version 4.0?

At the first startup the interface doesn't look any different. The changes are in the Setup and under the hood.

Support for multiple email client AND multiple IMAP accounts

The mailboxes are now selected together with the email client and the IMAP account.

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Speed improvements

  • The list of mails now loads waaayyyy faster.
  • Searching also is so much faster.
  • Archiving to Filemaker is faster because the intermediate step was eliminated.

Support for German

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And the rest of the new features:

  • The new IMAP library makes archiving IMAP much more reliable.
  • There is now an uninstaller.
  • When opening and checking an archive it should no longer show "not responding".
  • Moving mails to the trash is now much faster for Mail and Outlook.
  • The progress window shows more information. The dock shows how many mails were archived.
  • Mails for resetting the trial and for the scheduler are now sent securely.
  • Added "Revert to saved" for Setup and Preferences Window.

What is new in 4.0 beta 2?

  • Fixed some problems with the installer.
  • ”Open to Diagnosis” works again.
  • Setup and Preferences no longer crash or hang.
  • SSL for IMAP is now saved correctly.
  • Fixed several problems when archving IMAP mail.

Download a FREE trial of Mail Archiver X:

Download a trial version of Mail Archiver

Price: 39.95$

Version: 4.0 beta 2

Date: 2-Apr-2016

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