What's new in Mail Archiver X Version 3.2?

Version 3.2 has a new method of exporting data to Filemaker. Archiving is again quite a bit faster.

New Filemaker export

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While the user interface hasn't changed Mail Archiver now uses a more reliable method to export/import the data to Filemaker.

Archiving is now 20% faster

Mails are now being written to the archive about 20% faster.

And the rest of the new features:

  • Added support for archiving directly from Office 365 Exchange.
  • Changed the dump format from xml to sql.
  • Instead of just starting to archive the Menu item "New archive" now makes a new empty archive instead.
  • Mail Archive can now send data to StatHat to get information about how Mail Archiver is used.
  • When archiving mbox files it's now possible to either select files or a folder.
  • Added help for the Preferences.
  • The wizard has been simplified.
  • Finally mails can be moved to the trash for Imap.

What is new in Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 6:

Beta 6 fixes some crash bugs:

  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred when opening an archive.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented archiving from Outlook.
  • Fixed a hard crash when reading huge mbox files.
  • Fixed a problem with attachments missing in Filemaker.

What is new in Mail Archiver 3.2 beta 7:

Beta 7 fixes some bugs:

  • Fixed a problem with all Outlook scripts failing. Outlook is now addressed with it's full path.
  • Printing works again on Yosemite.
  • When Postbox can't be quit there is now an error message.
  • Mailboxes with a "\" in the name can be archived again from Outlook.
  • Exporting to Filemaker works again.

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