What's new in Mail Archiver X Version 3.1?

Version 3.1 of Mail Archiver X adds support for direcly archiving from an Imap account. Also MailTags and Retina displays are now supported.

Directly archive from one Imap account

It's now possible to archive from ONE Imap account without having downloaded the mails with an email client. That means if you only use Gmail in the browser you can now archive your mails with Mail Archiver. Support for multiple accounts is planned for 3.2.

Archive iCloud or Google directly without a mail client

Support for MailTags

If you use the MailTags plugin in Mail from Indev then you will find the information in the new tabsheet of the mail details.

Mail Archiver 3.1 can now archive MailTags

Archiving is now 20% faster

Archiving large mailbox files and archving again is now quite a bit faster.


Support for Retina displays has been added.

Mail Archiver 3.1 adds support for Retina displays


And the rest of the new features:

  • There is now a check for free space on the volume on the archive.
  • Trash and spam mailboxes can be be archived.
  • Modernized look.
  • Duplicates are now recognized when exporting to pdf.
  • The search has been moved to the toolbar.
  • Added a window menu.
  • Improved the speed of loading of attachment previews.
  • When archiving to Filemaker has problem the cache archive is copied to the desktop.
  • Export to Filemaker is now independent of the layouts.
  • Mailboxes with similar names like Sent and Sent Messages are now archived to the same mailbox.
  • Added information about attachments.
  • Sub-mailboxes can now be excluded from archiving.
  • Added a check for creating files larger than 4 GB. This used to crash the app on USB keys.
  • Added a check when moving mails to the trash so that mails are really archived.
  • When archiving mailboxes the mailbox path now starts at the selection.

New in Mail Archiver 3.1 beta 7/8:

  • The Imap functionality has been totally rewritten. It's now possible to archive from all types of Imap accounts. Archiving with Imap no longer should stop in the middle.
  • Archiving from Mail is now about 20% faster.
  • As usual a number of bugs has been fixed.

New in Mail Archiver 3.1 beta 9:

  • Fixed a problem with app signing.
  • Added some utility functions like the ability to send session logs from the installer.
  • Optimized the start sequence when opening an archive.
  • When closing/opening an archive the selection of the mailbox is now remembered.

New in Mail Archiver 3.1 beta 10:

  • Mails without date are no longer skipped.
  • Fixed 2 problems with Outlook mailboxes.
  • Fixed a NilObjectException when saving preferences.
  • Fixed some problems when archiving via Imap.
  • Fixed a hard crash when trying to change the search menu.

New in Mail Archiver 3.1 beta 11:

  • Fixed a hard crash when archiving with the scheduler and the option "Quit when finished". This also fixes a hard crash when archiving to Filemaker.
  • Fixed a problem with mailboxes from Exchange not showing correctly.
  • Fixed an exception when exporting attachments with pdf.
  • Fixed a problem with a mail that wasn't parsed correctly.

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