What's new in Mail Archiver X Version 4.1?

Evernote is now a first class citizen for Mail Archiver and you can archive directly to Evernote. You can select a template and customize the title.

Archive to Evernote

Finally the list of mails is Retina, too.

List of Mails in Retina

Mail Archiver X will get a big sibling, a Pro version. This version will be capable of handling multiple users.

Pro version of Mail Archiver X

And the rest:

There are many smaller features and a lot of bugs fixed for version 4.1.

  • Archiving from Mail and Outlook is faster.
  • Support for MD5 authentication has been added.
  • The database can be compacted.
  • The scheduler can check for updates now.
  • When archiving Imap mail the account name is now added for the mailbox path.
  • Improved the speed of checking for duplicate mails.
  • Instead of selecting the export options and then selecting the location of the export this is now done in the Export window.
  • When doing an mbox import the import is now done into a new main folder with the name "Import-xxx".
  • The account/mail client name has been added to the app log.
  • App log entries have been improved.
  • Mails no longer are marked as read when archiving from Imap.
  • In some instances the scheduler wasn't running after a restart.
  • Fixed the "black windows" problem on newer versions of MacOS.
  • Fixed a hard crash during diagnosis that showed up now and then.

Version 4.1 beta 2: 9-Mar-2017

Fixed an error "attempt to write a readonly database" when writing to the index database.
The app no longer crashes when an IMAP password has been entered incorrectly.
The Installer no longer fails when it can't install without password.

Version 4.1 beta 3: 17-Apr-2017

New Feature: Improved checksum data for archiving mails without message id.
Bug fixes:
Fixed an error message "timeout" when trying to open older archive.
Improved opening times for archives with many mailboxes.
The LaunchAgent file wasn't installed properly.
Fixed a hard crash when archiving to Filemaker.
Loading attachments for Filemaker no longer takes very long.
Fixed the message in the applog about "nothing archived" when archiving to new archive.
Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException in ParseHeader.getMailTagsDate.
After changing the sort order the mailboxes aren't closed anymore.
Changing the widths of the columns for the list of mails now works better.

Version 4.1 beta 4: 25-May-2017

Both opening an archive and searching for attachments is now much faster. As usual a couple of bugs have been fixed:

Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when trying to remove an account.
Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when selecting mails.
Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when showing the Setup window.
Fixed an error -10000 when archiving from Mail.
Fixed an OutOfMemoryException when selecting many mails.
The PDF divider characters are now loaded also for German locale.
The check for loading attachments for Exchange accounts in Mail is now showing correct results.
Fixed a problem with the scheduler LaunchAgent file not being written when updating from version 4.

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