Improve your Email Security

  • If you delete an email accidentally then it's still in Mail Archiver.
  • If your Gmail account gets hacked you won't loose all your emails.
  • You don't need to trust Apple to keep all your emails after a macOS upgrade.

My problem was the poor reliability of Apple Mail which is obviously not designed for professional use with a dozen accounts and 100.000s emails. Alexander S.

In the past we had lost track of a few critical mails, so I didn't want that to happen again. Bernhard C.

Get back hours of your life each week if you let Mail Archiver do the email management

  • You won't have to delete emails manually when the mailboxes are full.
  • Never again export emails manually to mbox or convert emails individually to PDF.
  • Your email client will be fast and not slow or misbehaving.
  • You will never have an almost full hard disk because your emails use so much space on the hard disk.

I feel less stressed knowing years of correspondence are at hand. My mail client is running faster and my mail is not taking so much space in my computers.Josep M.

My personal email boxes kept getting too full and I need a way to look back at old purchases and emails. I had been deleting unwanted emails from my accounts and saving local copies of the the mailboxes, but this was inefficient and the ability to search with any clarity was lacking. Kurt G.

Setting up Mail Archiver

Set up Mail Archiver in 3 steps:

  1. select where you want to archive from (email client or IMAP account),
  2. select mailboxes,
  3. select location of archive

Now you can start archiving!

No expert required

If you know how to use your email client then you can use Mail Archiver, too. If you need a little help then Moth Software has a "done with you" service to help setting up Mail Archiver.

Introduction into Mail Archiver

Main features of Mail Archiver X:

Support for email clients, IMAP and mbox

Supported are Mail, Outlook, Postbox and Thunderbird.

You can archive from every IMAP account including Gmail and Office 365.

All attachments can be archived.

No internet connection is needed to access your emails.

Got lots of files in mbox, eml or emlx format? Put them all into Mail Archiver by archiving mbox files.


Data Format

Archive your emails to Internal Database, PDF or Filemaker.

Internal Database: everything is in one location. The interface looks like an email client. You can search all the emails. The Internal Database can archive up to 1 Million emails in one archive.

PDF: It's a universal format, that will be accessible for years. You can put the PDFs on Dropbox, iCloud or your cloud of choice. You can even share the emails on Windows or Linux.

Filemaker: if you are familiar with Filemaker and have a license then you can archive to the Filemaker file that comes with Mail Archiver (it's not required to use Filemaker).


Preserve your mailbox folder hierarchy

Mail Archiver keeps your mailbox structure. The so-called "archive" in Mail, Outlook or Gmail removes the folder hierarchy. Even the PDFs preserve the folder hierarchy.

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The mailboxes look in Mail Archiver exactly the same as in Mail.


Pixel perfect emails

Keep your emails as they were in your email client.

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The emails look in Mail Archiver the same way they do in your email client. Even the pictures from newsletters can be downloaded and kept.


Archival Time

The archiving time will depend on the number of emails you want to archive. If you archive IMAP accounts then archiving speed depends on the speed of the internet connection. After the first archiving only new emails will be archived.



Make Mail Archiver work according to your needs. You can archive one mailbox or all of them, you can archive from multiple IMAP accounts and email clients at the same time. You can archive old emails or new emails. You can archive to multiple archives. You can delete your emails or you can keep them.

Mail Archiver is the most flexible email archiving solution available!


External hard disk

Is your hard disk full because you have so many emails? Use an external hard disk to save space on your internal hard disk.


Automatic archival

To ensure that you never forget archiving your emails you can set up a schedule to archive automatically.

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Archive daily, weekly, monthly or once a quarter. Mail Archiver can quit itself and send an email after archiving.


Foreign language support

Mail Archiver archives emails in all languages. If you archive German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or Klingon emails: All characters will be shown perfectly and not with öß.

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All languages are supported


Delete emails

Delete your emails from the email client or IMAP account automatically and with confidence. Mail Archiver verifies that emails are in the archive before they are deleted. Emails that are deleted in the email client or IMAP account are not deleted in the archive. Archive old email accounts or not used mailboxes anymore so that your email client is less cluttered and faster.

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Delete/Move to trash

Select a date or day range for deleting your emails or moving them to the trash.



Mail Archiver is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Active development

New and substantial features are added to the software each year. There are usually 2 major release and some minor ones. From 2003 to 2021 there have been 150 releases. Mail Archiver is used in 82 countries.

Who uses Mail Archiver

ChurchesIT Companies
DesignersPhysical Therapists
Film makersSoftware developers

Of course, you can use Mail Archiver, too, if you are not on the list.

What Mail Archiver is not

No subscription

There is no subscription for the standard version of Mail Archiver. The Pro version has a subscription (see below for the Pro version).

No cost per account archived

You want to archive one account or 100 accounts? Both are fine. There are no additional costs for archiving a lot of accounts.

No cloud

You emails stay on your own computer. If you use PDF as format then you can use the cloud for the PDF files.

No lock in

If you decide to leave Mail Archiver your emails are not locked in:

  • You can export all your emails to PDF.
  • You can export your emails to mbox which is an industry standard exchange format.
  • You can upload your emails back to any existing IMAP account.

What are users saying about Mail Archiver X:

Standard version of Mail Archiver X

Mail Archiver X has a free demo mode which has the same functionality as the paid version. The application in demo mode can be used for 10 calendar days.

Mail Archiver standard version is a desktop application for the Mac, which can be bought with a one-time payment.

You can use Mail Archiver for your own mail. You can archive as many mails as you want from as many accounts as you have. And you can use the application on all your computers.

Mail Archiver X Pro

Mail Archiver X Pro is a server version of the standard version. The standard version expects the archive to be local. Network drives or cloud solutions are not supported. If you want to access an archive from different locations you had to make sure that only one user at a time opened the archive. The server version allows multiple users to access archives at the same time.

The Pro version has 2 different licenses. The workgroup license supports up to 5 concurrent users. The single user license is for one single user who wants to access his archives from multiple locations or from a network drive.

The workgroup license costs 500$ plus tax. The single user license costs 150$ plus tax. A license is valid for one year. You need a subscription to continue to archive mails. Without a current license the application reverts to trial mode: you can access your mails but you can't archive or export the mails. A yearly subscription of the workgroup license costs 100$ plus tax, the single user subscription costs 50$ plus tax per year.

Included in license

Licenses include:

30 days money back guarantee
30 days money back guarantee
12 months of free updates
12 months of free updates
perpetual license
Perpetual license