A Filemaker database comes with Mail Archiver if you use Filemaker. If you want to integrate this database into your own solutions you need to keep in mind that Mail Archiver needs a couple of things in Filemaker to work:

  • The 3 tables: Mailbox, Mail, Attachment
  • All existing fields in the tables.
  • You can add fields to the tables starting with “DB Internal”.
  • The 3 layouts “All fields Mailbox”, “All fields Mail”, “All fields Attachment”.
  • The scripts “Import File”, “Import File Ref”, “Import Message”, "Find Message", "Set BEVersion", "Unset BEVersion".
  • Some formulas and autoenter options.
  • For every version the fields may change. There is an error number if fields are missing or too many.

It's much easier to start with the existing template. But then you need to make the changes for each new version yourself.