The article is going to describe which settings you need to archive Gmail directly in Mail Archiver.

First you need to activate 2-Step verification for your Google account.

Then you need to create an app-specific password for the same Google account.

In Setup -> Accounts click on the plus button to add a new account. Enter your Gmail address and the app-specific password:Email address and password for Gmail account

If the password is correct then you are done:

Finished Gmail account

If the password is not okay then there is an error message:

Error message for logging into Gmail account

After clicking okay select the preset "Gmail with App Specific Password". Then click on the Next button:Select Gmail preset

Then you will see the account details where you can check the details. Click on the Check button to see if logging into the Gmail account now works.

Updated 16-May-2022 with new screenshots again.

Updated 01-Apr-2021 with new screenshots.