Mail Archiver comes with 3 print templates when archiving to PDF. If you want to have a different look for your PDFs then you can change the existing print templates and make your own version.

Where to find the template?

The standard template a html file which is converted by Mail Archiver to PDF. It is available both in the dmg file and in the extras folder of the application.

The dmg:Mail Archiver dmg file with extras

The Extras folder:

Extras in the application folder

Finde a text editor

Make a copy of the file and save it somewhere.

You need a special text editor to edit the file. TextEdit thinks it's clever and opened the file as html. This does NOT work. I'm using Brackets from Adobe to open the file:

Standard template

The file has very simple CSS and Html. You don't need to be a whiz in either but you need to know what both CSS and Html are.

You can change 2 things in the template:

  • the fields
  • the appearance

Edit the fields

In the screenshot above you see field names with ? like "?from?" without the quotes. In addition to the fields you see here you can use BCC and the fields from MailTags.

Lets say you want to have the subject not in the table but above the other fields and larger. I removed the table column with the subject from the table and added only the subject above the table without label:

Changing the subject in the template

Editing the appearance

To edit the appearance you really need to know what simple CSS is. Roweven and rowodd make alternating backgrounds. After we took out the row with the subject we now have 2 rowodds after each other. Alternating backgrounds are so the 2010ish. I'm going to take those out:

Further changes in the template

No more alternating backgrounds. You could easily do more changes in the table with the header information.

Print templates location

You need to move the newly made print template to the Application Support folder like this:

Template in Application Support

Create a folder named "Print templates" in user/username/Library/Application Support/Mail Archiver X. Don't use the folder with the space at the end!

Using the template

You don't need to restart Mail Archiver. When you open the Setup or the Export window and open the list of PDF templates then you should see the new template:

New template in Export window

Select "test Template" and you will get a PDF with a larger subject and no alternating backgrounds:

PDF with new template