Nigerian Spam

Some mails are easier to recognise as spam than others. Has anyone NOT gotten a mail like the one below?Nigerian Spam

The mail is a variety of the classic "Nigerian prince" mail. Give me some money and I'll give you back a lot. There still must be humans who reply to such an email.

Check Sender an Reply-to

Here we got a nice email from Amazon that says the account was locked:

Amazon Spam

Because AppleMail always tries to hide information we can't see who sent the email. You need to click on the line with the case id. In Mail Archiver you can see immediately that the email is not from Amazon:

Amazon Spam in Mail Archiver

What AppleMail doesn't hide is the reply-to. The reassures me that the email is not spam.

Genuine PayPal email

What happens if you don't check the sender

The Instagram of a minor German celebrity was hacked. Last week the hacker was convicted. During the trial some details became public knowledge. The hacker sent some celebrities an email from and asked for passwords. Such a simple hack was enough to be successful. At least the "t-online" account should have been a hint.