Nowadays laptops still could use larger SSDs. With the smaller SSDs the large archives from Mail Archiver use a lot of space. You may want to move your archive or archives to a secondary hard disk.

Of course, you can just copy the archive to the hard disk. There are a couple of details you may need to consider.

In the screenshot below you see the archive in Finder:Archive in Finder

The file Mail Archiv.vdb.journal shows you that the archive is still open. Close the archive before you start copying files. To move your archive you only need the vdb file. The DBIndex file is for searching. If you don't copy the file then Mail Archiver will create a new one the next time the archive is opened.

What you also need to do is to change the archive in the Setup. Here is the original location:Setup with original location of archive

Click on the Select button to show the menu. Then click on Select in the menu:
Select a new location for the archive

Select the new location of your archive. The result should look similar to this:

Archive with changed location

Important: you always need 2 copies of every file. 

If you use Mail Archiver as backup then you still have the original data. If you use Mail Archiver as archive then make sure that the new location of your archive has a backup! 

If you aren't sure that the difference between archive and backup is then refer back to the MiniClass. You can get the MiniClass from the Download page. After the download there is a wonderful popup where you can subscribe to the MiniClass. Alternatively, download it from here.