If you get a new computer you will want to install Mail Archiver and move your archives over. Here is how to do it:

Moving the application and the archives

  1. Install Mail Archiver.
  2. Use the license to register the application. If you don’t have the license anymore write to Moth Software.
  3. Copy the archive vdb file or files if they were on an internal drive to the new computer. If you don’t remember where the files are located check the Setup: Mail Archiver Setup Data Format
  4. Next to the vdb file you will find a file with the name „your archive name.DBIndex“. If you don’t copy the file then Mail Archiver will re-create it when the archive is opened.

That was the simple part. If you had selected a lot of mailboxes or added a larger number of IMAP accounts you may try the second part.

Moving the data of the Setup

Mail Archiver uses a lot of configuration data. Your mail clients, the IMAP accounts, the mailbox selection for each IMAP account and so on. Re-creating that is tedious work.

You can copy the preferences file from

/Users/your username/Library/Preferences/com.mothsoftware.mailarchiverx.plist  

to the new computer. You MUST log out and log back in because the file is cached.

Alternatively, you can use PrefsEditor to copy some of the data. A blog entry describes how to use PrefsEditor.

  1. Open the Mail Archiver preferences. 
  2. Copy the data from EmailInfoIMAPAccounts and EmailInfoMailApps to a text editor.

Then open the preferences with PrefsEditor on the new computer. For the IMAP accounts you will need to add new entries. For the email clients you can paste the data into the existing entries.

It’s a bit more work but you don’t need to log out and log back in.

For the IMAP accounts you will need to re-enter the passwords from the keychain. Or you can copy the keychain to the new computer, too.