The Easy version of Mail Archiver can archive only 10,000 emails. You can update to the standard version so that you can archive as many emails as you like. Have a look at the comparison chart for the differences between the versions.

There are 3 steps for updating to the standard version:

  1. Download the standard version from the website.
  2. If the standard version finds the Easy version then you will get a special link in the store with an update price.
    Select Purchase from the menu:
    Then you will get the special update price of $24.95:
  3. Now you need to move the existing archive from the Easy version to a different location. In Mail Archiver standard select "Show Archive from Easy version on Disk" in the Mail Archiver X menu. You must be registered or you will get an error message. The result is a new window in Finder: Move the file and additionally change the location in the Data Format section of the Setup.