In the last article I showed you how to enter your settings for iCloud if you want to archive from IMAP. The IMAP server and the username are easy to find out. But you need to create an app-specific password only for Mail Archiver.

What is an app-specific password:

Whenever you log into your Apple ID account you have to do a Two-Step Verification because a single password no longer is secure enough. The app-specific password is a single password for each individual app that can't do the Two-Step Verification. With the application specific password your Apple ID password isn't used again making passwords safer.

How to create an app-specific password:

Log into your account.

Log into accountYou can now see your account details.

Account details

In the Security section click on "Generate Password". Now enter a label for the password. As we are doing a password for Mail Archiver using the name of the app isn't a bad idea.

Enter label for app specific password

You will now get the app-specific password. You won't be able to access it after you closed the window. Therefore, copy it into a secure location like 1Password or Enpass.

App specific password

That's it. You can now use the password for IMAP in Mail Archiver.

How to revoke an application specific password:

If you forgot the password or you don't want to use it anymore then first click on the "Edit" button in the Security section.

Edit security

Click on "View History" on the right side of the Security section.

You can now see a list of all available password labels. You can't see the passwords themselves. Click on "Revoke" to revoke a password.


  1. Use application specific passwords only when you have to. Mail Archiver doesn't support Two-Step Verification and so the application specific password is the way to archive directly from an iCloud IMAP account.
  2. Store your passwords in a safe place like 1Password or Enpass. 
  3. When you change your AppleID password then all your application specific passwords are reset, too, and you have to enter them again.
  4. The maximum number of application specific passwords is 25.
  5. Don't reuse your application specific password for other apps. I had one user with troubles logging into his iCloud account. He couldn't revoke the password because he was using the password elsewhere, too. Not a good idea.