Mail Archiver 4.3.2 improves Mojave compatibility, adds support for GSuite and fixes some bugs.

New features are:

  • You can now archive from GSuite.
  • Imap ports can have 4 digits.
  • The communication between the scheduler helper app and the main app has been optimized for Mojave.
  • If you decline the permissions for AppleScript there is now a link to the FAQ entry in the app.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some drag reorder glitches in the list of mailboxes.
  • The Wizard no longer shows "Account 0" instead of "Account 1".
  • Mailboxes for older versions of Postbox were not recognized.
  • Fixed NilObjectException when exporting to PDF.
  • Mailbox selection was not retained when closing and opening a mailbox.
  •  Fixed a NilObjectException when getting the number of mails in a mailbox.
  • Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when preparing to archive for Mojave.
  •  Fixed a NilObjectException when changing screen resolution during start of app.