5.1.3 is an important milestone because finally Mail Archiver has been notarized and is ready for Catalina. You can download the new version from the Moth Software website.

There are only a couple of bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error "Internal Table Overflow" when archiving to Filemaker.
  • More work done on: The scheduler no longer is running twice after reinstalling.
  • Fixed a wrong error message "There was an error with the archive.".
  • Mail header wasn't parsed correctly.
  • Update checker didn't find new version with new version available.
  • Fixed a hard crash in NSAutoreleasePoolMBS.
  • From in some mails is no longer missing.
  • Fixed a hard crash in Tidy plugin.
  • Gif previews no longer missing from email.
  • MAX no longer snaps back to first monitor when the second monitor doesn't have a menubar.

On Catalina

Very slowly Catalina is shaping up. The first betas were of a terrible quality I have never seen from Apple software before. A beta means bugs - always. But there is no other word for the first betas than terrible. Mail Archiver is working now and that's the most important fact.