Beta 2 fixes a couple of bugs. Big Sur is now fully supported.


  • Gmail now works with app-specific passwords.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with descending sort not working for more than 50k emails.
  • Fixed a NilObjectException when removing a bookmark for server management.
  • When there is no Filemaker file to export the Export button no longer is enabled.
  • If the keychain identifier is missing MAX no longer tries to save the item to the keychain.
  • Fixed an OutOfBoundsException for server management.
  • When creating a new archive for Pro dots in the name of the archive aren't allowed anymore because Valentina Server doesn't support database names with dots.
  • About window no longer shows white text in Light Mode.
  • The delete icon in the toolbar no longer is too small on Big Sur.
  • Needed to make some buttons larger for Big Sur.
  • It's not longer possible to add a user to a group multiple times.
  • Fixed two problems with the buttons in the Wizard.
  • Emails from Inbox/Sent Messages can be dragged again to another mailbox.
  • All items of the toolbar for the Preferences window are shown again for Big Sur.