As usual a number of bugs have been fixed. Big Sur continues to be (not so much) fun.

Bug Fixes

  • When help was being shown it wasn't possible to set the calendar in Setup.
  • When attachments are deleted a click on an attachment preview in the message body no longer makes an OutOfBoundsException.
  • When moving emails to the trash the error -1719 is now ignored correctly again.
  • Fixed a problem with not all MailTags being archived.
  • The close button no longer is too high on macOS BS for the Preferences window.
  • Added workaround for windows with toolbar moving higher on BS on reopen.
  • The update window now shows for the installer.
  • The update check no longer shows an error "no update available" for the scheduler sometimes.
  • The menu items "Show all Windows" and "Show all Sheets" are now invisible.
  • The buttons of the start dialog no longer have the wrong order on macOS BS.
  • Fixed a NilObjectException when getting mailboxes for Mail when Mail isn't actively used.
  • Added workaround for Setup and Server Management windows jumping around on macOS BS.
  • The 10% free disk space warning no longer shows up when there is 90% free disk space. Fixed an error -1700 when moving emails to the trash for Mail.

On Big Sur

Beta 4 of Big Sur broke my laptop. Yup, I tried to update to the then latest beta and it wasn't possible to install the beta version of macOS. You would think that re-installing macOS would be simple. But no, I spent 2 days trying and had to give up. I'm now waiting to get a new hard disk installed. In the meantime I had to buy another MacBook Air so that I can read/do my email and everything else that I don't do on my iMac. Not even AppleSupport was able to help.

Not very happy.

Big Sur itself continues to be very buggy. Apple fixes one bug and they "make" 2 new ones.