Version 6.0beta1 from 22-Mar-2021:

Version 6 has a completely re-designed Setup. You can now archive to multiple plans.

What can you do with multiple plans?

  • Archive to Internal Database and PDF at the same time.
  • Archive one email client to one archive and another email client to another archive.
  • Of course, you can do the same with IMAP accounts.
  • Archive one selection of mailboxes in one age or day range and another selection of mailboxes in another age or day range to the same archive.

Deleting/moving emails to the trash/bin/rubbish now has its own age or day range.

Archive to multiple plans

The Rest

  • The help in the Setup window doesn't use overlay windows anymore but text in a status bar.
  • Improved memory footprint when archiving lots of emails.
  • Improved progress window for diagnosis.
  • Added new option for mbox export to use minimal set of fields which is useful when the archive has problems.
  • Installation result now shown with text and icon.
  • Instead of creating a folder in Documents for each version there is now a main Mail Archiver folder.
  • The font preferences for the message body work again.
  • Improved mail header. The subject is now larger and the from is bold.
  • Greatly improved time to check if an email is already in the Filemaker database.
  • Added presets for creating IMAP accounts.
  • Added support for Valentina logging.

License changes

In the previous versions a license was valid for the current version. There usually was a grace period where you could update to a newer version for free. As a result you could use new versions between 1 and 3 years. Due to continuing changes to system software and continual improvement updates this is going to change.

Starting with version 6 a licensed user is entitled to any updates and/or new versions, free of charge, for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Let's say you buy a license on 22-Mar-2021. You will have access to a version that becomes available at 1-Mar-2023. On 23-Mar-2023 this version will continue to work. If a new version is released at 1-Apr-2023 and you install this new version then Mail Archiver will revert back to trial mode and you will be able to buy a license update. If you don't install the new version then your existing, legacy version will continue to work until unsupported by the operating system.

This is NOT a subscription!!!

Get your update license

If you bought Mail Archiver AFTER 1-May-2020 you can get a free update. Contact Moth Software for the coupon.

If you bought Mail Archiver BEFORE 1-May-2020 you need to buy an update license. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • If you install the new version then Mail Archiver will recognise that it was already licensed. You can buy the update from within the app and there you don't need any coupon.
  • If you want to buy Mail Archiver from the online store then contact Moth Software for the coupon.

The result is the same. You get 40% off the full price.