Finally Mail Archiver X is 64bit!!!!

  • That makes Mail Archiver ready for the future with Mojave. And it finally allows Mail Archiver to archive huge mails.
  • The export to Filemaker has been rewritten to make it much more robust.
  • The handling of 2 monitors is much better.
  • Support for Gmail authentication has been added.

And the rest:

  • Mails can be deleted with the backspace key.
  • It's possible to do a drag-and-drop to archive mbox files.
  • The dock icon is showing a special badge when exporting and when doing a diagnosis.
  • Mail Archiver can be installed for all users on a computer.
  • Added natural sort for attachment names.
  • The update checker doesn't run anymore when archiving.
  • The filter terms are shown as a tooltip.
  • Added support for Little Snitch IAP.
  • Added option to filter for "has attachments".
  • Improved the handling for the list of mailboxes: The creation of new top level mailbox is allowed. It's possible to drag a mailbox to the top level.
  • Smaller speed improvements: Less logging is done for mbox archival. Increased the speed of getting a huge amount of files when importing mboxes. Accounts of Mail and Outlook are now cached. Duplicate checking is now done only once instead of twice.