April 2021, Heidesheim, Germany - Moth Software announces next gen interface for Mail Archiver

The main new feature of Big Sur is the new cleanerer interface. It also has even less color in the interface than before. Moth Software has obtained exclusive information of the next WWDC taking place virtually in June. Tim Cook is going to going to announce the following:

In our quest to make the interface of macOS even more cleanerer than before there was one main foe - the color. We fought against it as best as we could. But we have to go one step further. Therefore, in our next version of macOS which will be called "Extra Many Bugs, Sir" we will do away with the color completely. By default all color in the interface will be gone.

Therefore, Mail Archiver is going where nobody has gone before. I present the new interface for EMBS:
Mail Archiver new interface

Coming for version 6.1 are the BigSur outline style icons. But I've added a switch because I don't want to use the new icons myself:

New style option for Mail Archiver

Happy Easter from Germany!