In the article on Gmail with AppleMail I described why archiving Gmail is so slow for AppleMail. Then I started thinking: "come on, you can do that better". On the hard disk I have the data but I don't know where the data needs to go. From AppleScript I know where the data needs to go but accessing the data is dog slow. Couldn't I do a map as bridge between the hard disk and AppleScript?

I did some testing and yes, I can. Before doing the archival for Gmail Mail Archiver will need to do an analysis of the existing email in the All Mails folder like this:

Preparing Gmail account

The preparation takes a couple of minutes for my 40k emails on a fusion drive.

Mail Archiver still needs to get the header information for each email with AppleScript. But the slow access of the message body has been replaced by the direct access to the data on the hard disk.

Coming soon with Mail Archiver version 5.2.