In these trying times I’d like to communicate with you more often. I’ll be posting topics that will have less or nothing to do with Mail Archiver.

Life is a series of crisis

From my life:

  • My parents had a nasty divorce when I was 12.
  • Building a house is 18 months of intense fun.
  • My mother had 2 bouts of a bone cancer after which she needed dialysis for a while. While my mother was in hospital our house was broken into.

And now we have Corona.

My most critical problem

For some people there is no work anymore (doctors, physical therapists, restaurants, hotels). Others are working like mad. The Favourite Sister is totally exhausted because she works in a grocery store.

For me the biggest problem - except lack of sales - is stress management. I never dealt well with stress. I hope we won’t starve. We got enough toilet paper. But still dealing with uncertainties isn’t my core competency. I don’t sleep well and feel totally apathic and helpless.

The world is changing

When I was still working at the carmaker Opel a home office option was discussed for at least 6 years.

2 years ago my mother was sick with her second bout of cancer. She needed care and she needed to go to the doctor. Often. I had inofficial home office at one day of the week. My director told me that this wasn’t allowed anymore. So this became one of the reasons I left that company.

Now everyone has home office. Just like that.

The Corona crisis is making changes all over the world. There won’t be going back.

What is your most critical problem?

Please tell me what you are struggling with:

  • Are you still working?
  • Are you at home?
  • What are your fears?
  • Do you know someone who is sick already?