Normally, I don't say much about the upcoming versions. I'm a solo developer and therefore the software is done when I say it's done. I'm also way more fluid with features. If a user needs something urgently and it's not too much work I add that to the next release.

The usual caveats apply:

  • I'm not going to commit to a release date.
  • You get what you buy.
  • The new version will be a free update.


Over the last years the interface has gotten dated. Nowadays monochrome interfaces  are modern (AppleMail) or apps are mostly white-in-white (Office). Mail Archiver 5.3 is not going to look like that. But I redid all icons and made new icons for DarkMode:

New icons in LightMode

The Pro version

There isn't going to be a Pro version for 5.2. Instead version 5.3 will concentrate on the Pro version:

  • There will be an Admin version. Part of the Admin version will be a simplified installer so that Valentina Server will be easier to install. Also in the Admin version you will be able to do tasks like starting and stopping the server.
  • Email data will be separated by user.