Sponsor the development of new features

You like the idea and the concept of Mail Archiver. But your company has additional requirements or feature requests that aren't available right now. Moth Software offers sponsorship for new features of Mail Archiver.

  • The new feature must fit to Mail Archiver. The application isn't going to be the next Photoshop.
  • What is on the list for the next version is going to be developed anyways.
  • Anything that will be less than an hour to develop is free. The hour includes documentation and testing.
  • The timing needs to fit.

I haven't done many sponsorships, but there were a couple. For instance, the Evernote main format was paid for as well as the button to select/deselect all accounts (the customer had more than 50 accounts).

Contact me with the Contact Form and describe what feature your need. I will contact you and we will talk.