Main new features

  • Version 6.1 supports the new M1 processors natively. For technical reasons there will be 2 versions of Mail Archiver for a while: an Intel and an M1 version.
  • Added the new "outline" style toolbar icons of Big Sur as option. You even can have the icons in older versions of macOS:Mail Archiver toolbar
  • There are also options to reduce the colors in the interface and to use the compact toolbar style. The latter option is only available for Big Sur and requires a restart.
  • The loading time for very many emails into the list of emails has been greatly improved.
  • It is now possible to import old Mail folders directly.

The rest

  • Mailboxes below Inbox and Sent Messages can now be deleted in an archive.
  • When emails are archived or excluded by flag for mail, there is now an entry in the app log.
  • It is now possible to reset the fonts in the preferences.
  • The installer now uses the version string instead of the version number to get version information.
  • If the path to an archive is not available, there is now an icon indicating that the path is not available. For the internal database, there is an additional message.
  • The search is no longer executed 2 times.
  • The disk space warning now takes into account the purgeable and hidden disk space.

The Pro version of 6.1 is coming soon.