Like last year the summer was hot hot hot. The end of August was very welcome but it also meant the start of the garden work.

The roots of the reeds in my small pond had grown thick. I usually cut the roots off as they grow further into the pond. This year is was time to cut back the reeds way more. A couple of tests had shown that the root system was about 20-25 cm thick. The reeds were completely blocking the view of the pond. We had to do the work while it was still relatively warm because the water gets cold very quickly. And then the work in the water becomes very uncomfortable.

I had cut off the upper part of the reeds as preparation. I carefully worked around the 2 wasp spiders which were sitting in the reeds (Yuck!). These spiders are huge. Here is an older picture:

Wasp spider


I went into the pond and the Favourite Sister and me hacked into the reed roots to cut off smaller parts (about 30 x 50 cm). The roots of the reeds are fiendishly hard and the work was quite awful. We continued piece by piece. On the first day we got about a third done. 

Here is a picture of some of the reed pieces:

Reed roots


I checked out our work and saw a snake baby swimming through the water. The Goggle showed me that it was probably an Aesculapian snake (Gulp!).


I continued working alone. The mother saw one of the wasp spiders walking on me (Eeeekkk!!!!). I was so happy when she removed the spider from me.


I saw that a small cut in the ankle from Sunday hadn't healed. Thoughts of blood poisoning in my head the sister drove me to a standby medical practice. As usual I had waited until every doctor was closed on Wednesday. It was hot hot hot in the afternoon. The doctor gave me some antibiotics cream which I applied diligently.


We finished cutting the reed roots. Of course, I didn't want to go into the pond anymore as long as the cut hadn't healed.

The pond looks so much better now:

The house is to the left of the pond and the reeds aren't blocking the view anymore.


When I was watering the garden I thought that someone was looking at me. One of the pond crabs had fancied a walkabout and escaped the pond. He made it about 10 m. I grabbed a wooden tablet and brought him back to the pond.


My cats went hunting which they normally don't do much. First Lotte seemed to be playing with the curtain. That was a living mouse in the living room (Yuck!). As the family are cowards they let me kill the mouse. Just don't use felt slippers but some nice hard shoes! Seeing entrails afterwards is normal. My sweet looking Emily caught another mouse 2 hours later. She is a killer and at the mouse (Double Yuck!). Quentin wasn't to be outdone by his girls and caught a lizard a couple of hours later. It's always fun to hunt them in the living room because he leaves them alive. But the lizards aren't very bright or fast. I bring them back into the garden in the hope that he doesn't get the lizard again.

Next Tuesday

On Tuesday I finally found out why the cut in my ankle wouldn't heal: I had a large piece of reed (5mm x 2mm) in the ankle. After pulling out the piece the ankle finally healed.

And I had to drive 2 times to a recycling center because we had a good number of reed pieces. We can now tackle the next project.