Other Applications

Convert AppleScript to Html

FREE application to convert AppleScript code to html.

  1. Select File -> Open Script File from the menu or click on the Open Script File button in the window. You can also do a copy-and-paste into the AppleScript text area.
  2. Click on the button "Convert to Html". In the upper right area you will see the html in a Html viewer. The lower right area contains the html code.
  3. You can copy-and-paste the html into the clipboard. Or you can do a File -> Save Html to save the html into a file.

The html is simple on purpose and without CSS. If you want CSS support then let me know.

Version: 1.0 from 3-Jan-2022
macOS: High Sierra to Monterey
Processor: Intel & M1

Change Folder Structure

Free software for preparing MailSmith mbox files for Mail Archiver. The MailSmith files have the names like mailbox-submailbox-child Mailbox.mbox. The application converts the name into a folder structure.

  1. Select folders for source and destination.
  2. Click on the button "Process Folder". The files are now copied to the destination folder with the folder structure.
  3. The result can now be archived in Mail Archiver.
Version: 1.0 from 25-Jan-2022
macOS: High Sierra to Monterey
Processor: Intel & M1