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Moth Software is a small company, located near Mayence, Germany (or Mainz in German) , which has been operating since 2004. See below on some more details about Beatrix Willius - our CEO and head developer.

Our Mission

We will create software that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Easy to learn:

Software should allow you to do simple things very quickly without learning anything and yet still allow you to do more complex things when you're ready.

Easy to use:

A software has to work right out of the box. It shouldn't require you to know anything that you can't figure out for yourself. It shouldn't have features you won't use cluttering up the interface. It should have a narrow focus and do a good job at the stuff it does do.

Our Vision

Create good software:

It all comes down to quality. A good looking software with all features is useless when it contains to many bugs. Moth Software has the policy of zero defects. There will be no software release with known bugs.

Make money:

Yes, it is important to make money. However, good software is much more important.

Continuous Improvement:

Shareware release cycles tend to be faster and more customer-focussed than commercial software. Your registration fee is what keeps this cycle going.

Great value:

What can you do with our software that you cannot do with any other software?

Honesty pays:

No software is immune to being hacked. It is your decision.

Have fun:

Developing a good application is fun. It gives us the opportunity to learn daily. Having satisfied and happy customers also gives a good feeling.


How Mail Archiver X came to be

Once upon a time there was only Eudora. It wasn't especially pretty but it was a decent mail client.

Unfortunately, Eudora didn't much like larger mailboxes. Even if in those time the mailboxes were much smaller than now.

The result of this was that occasionally Eudora threw a hissy fit and corrupted the index. I had then to spend an hour or more to fix this so that I could get back at my mails. Sometimes mails also got corrupted.

I had the idea to store a larger amount of mails separately. With this I had less corruption in Eudora.

And Mail Archiver was born.

When I migrated from Eudora to Mail the problems stayed the same. Now and then I still get a corrupted index.

About Beatrix Willius

The CEO of Moth Software Mainz, Beatrix Willius, is an experienced project leader and developer with 20 years experience in the automotive industry. Until June 2018 she worked in the Quality department, where she was the European contact for a software that tracks all sort of defects which are found on cars during development and after start of production.

Why "Moth Software"?

Since earliest childhood "Motte" - moth in english - is the nickname of the only Favorite Sister from Beatrix - Britta Willius. Nobody remembers where the name comes from.


Fractal by beatrix willius

When not developing Beatrix Willius is doing some graphics, which are available at 

http://www.beatrixwillius.de or Deviantart


garden of beatrix willius

Beatrix is also a keen gardener on her 700 m2 garden, which is mostly full of beautiful caramel colored Rhine sand. While she is definitely no Beth Chatto the garden is full with mediterranean and prairie plants tolerating the sandy "soil". Visitors are always welcome!


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