Who is Moth Software?

Picture of Beatrix Willius

Moth Software is Beatrix Willius who doesn’t like to talk about herself in 3rd person because it sounds pretentious. So I’ll be using the I for myself from now.

Why "Moth Software”?

Since earliest childhood "Motte" - moth in english - is the nickname of my only Favorite Sister, Britta Willius. Nobody remembers where the name comes from.

For what does Moth Software stand?

Moth Software is a person. I have opinions and experiences like every other person. But I’m not a faceless company. Sometimes there will even be a bit of humor (gasp!).

I will ensure that you will get your money’s worth out of Mail Archiver. There will be no subscriptions where you have to pay through the nose for something that now costs 10 times more compared to the year before.

I’m a problem fixer. When you have a problem then I can guarantee that I will take your problem seriously.

You got an idea for Mail Archiver? I love hearing from my users so that I can make Mail Archiver even better.

How Mail Archiver X came to be

Once upon a time there was only Eudora as email client. It wasn't especially pretty but it was a decent email client. If you are a bit older like me then you will remember the time of “you got mail”.

Unfortunately, Eudora didn't much like larger mailboxes. Even if in those times the mailboxes were much smaller than they are now.

Now and then Eudora threw a hissy fit and corrupted the index. It wasn’t possible to access emails at all - they were all blank. I then had to spend an hour or more to fix the index so that I could get back at my emails. Sometimes emails also got corrupted.

I had the idea to store a larger amount of emails separately. With this I had less corruption in Eudora.

And Mail Archiver was born.

When I migrated from Eudora to Mail the problems stayed the same. Now and then I still get a corrupted index.

About Beatrix Willius

I’m an experienced project leader and developer with 20 years experience in the automotive industry. Until June 2018 I worked in the Quality department of Opel, where I was the European contact for a software that tracked defects which were found on cars during development and after start of production. I also did all sorts of reporting development in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I was totally lucky to leave because doing nothing for the last 18 months made me crazy. The complete department got the boot in 2019 anyways.

I have been developing apps for macOS for over 20 years. These are mostly database applications with the usual technologies (Valentina, SQLite, SQL, AppleScript).

Life outside of Moth Software

When I’m not in front of my computer developing software then I’m either in my garden:

Rose in June 2022 Back yard June 2022 Front garden autumn 2022 Swamp aster autumn 2022

Or I’m making fractals with JWildfire:

JWildfire Fractal JWildfire Fractal