How to update from the Easy version to the standard version of Mail Archiver

The Easy version of Mail Archiver can archive only 10,000 emails. You can update to the standard version so that you can archive as many emails as you like. Have a look at the comparison chart for the differences between the versions.

There are 3 steps for updating to the standard version:

  1. Download the standard version from the website.
  2. If the standard version finds the Easy version then you will get a special link in the store with an update price. Select Purchase from the menu:
Select Purchase from the menu

Then you will get the special update price of $27.95:

Special update price
  1. Now you need to move the existing archive from the Easy version to a different location. Select "Show Archive from Easy version on Disk" in the Mail Archiver X menu.
Mail Archiver files in Finder

You must be registered or you will get an error message. The result is a new window in Finder: Move the database files and additionally change the location in the Data Format section of the Setup. If you don't want to do the Setup again move PlanData.db into user/username/Library/Application Support/Mail Archiver X. The app should not be running when you move the file.