What is new for Mail Archiver X version 6.3?

More modern look for the Setup

Instead of using the toolbar there is now a sidebar for the main areas Plans, Account, Schedule, Server for the Pro versions and Options. The sections in the plans that could be opened and closed are now in tab sheets.

Load Mailboxes


  • The installer for Valentina Server is now part of the dmg and doesn't need to be downloaded anymore. The license now also comes pre-installed.
  • Before unregistering a database for the Pro version there is now a confirmation dialog.
  • Pro Admin now uses shell scripts for starting and stopping the server instead of AppleScript apps.
  • Pro Admin can now be installed on computers where Valentina Server is not installed.


  • Did some speed improvements for archiving.
  • Improved time for checking existing emails when archiving to PDF.


  • Improved error handling for logging into an IMAP account.
  • Improved logging into an IMAP account.
  • Improved help for adding an IMAP account.
  • Archival settings can now be exported and imported.
  • When archiving in a day range "Older than" is now default instead of "Younger than".
  • It's now possible to export all attachments of the selected emails at once.
  • The attachment context menu now has an entry to open the selected attachments.
  • There are now tooltips for the toolbars.
  • Improved help: better description, new icon. Help in Setup window can now be opened and closed like in the Preferences window.
  • Setup window is now resizable.
  • The Tour window now has indicators if the text can be scrolled up or down in the case the scrollbars are hidden.
  • It's now possible to empty the trash with the context menu.
  • When the selected Filemaker template is too old then the folder with the newest template is now revealed in Finder when the error message shows.
  • Updated to new terminology for System Settings etc. on Ventura.
  • Updated full disk access window for Ventura.