What is new for Mail Archiver X version 6.2?

Adding an IMAP account has become easier

After clicking on the plus icon to add a new account you only have to enter your email address and the password. Only when Mail Archiver can't guess the server name you have to enter it manually.

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Additional help system for the Setup

The core problem in every software is learning where to click. The existing help system explains what the single elements of the Setup do. The new help system will show you where to click.

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The Tour has a more modern look:

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The most useless feature of macOS ever is finally coming to Mail Archiver

Transparent windows don't do anything. I find them distracting so I really don't like them. But finally you can have a transparent window if you want. As usual it's possible to disable the feature:

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New functionality for the Setup

Version 6.2 adds a few features to improve the Setup:

  • Thunderbird and Postbox show the account names correctly.
  • It's possible to duplicate accounts and plans in the Setup.
  • It's possible to import IMAP accounts from Mail and Outlook.
  • Added tooltips to disclosure triangles in Setup/Plans and Server Management.
  • Icons and headers in the Plans area of the Setup can be used to open and close the subsections, too, instead of only the disclosure triangle.
  • There is a tooltip and a help message when not all attachments have been downloaded for an email client.
  • The Setup starts loading mailboxes after the Email Info section has opened.
  • There is a warning when an archive is located on Dropbox or iCloud.
  • There is a tooltip when a warning for selecting an archiving location is shown.
  • Next to the path of an archive there is a button to show the archive or the folder of the archive in Finder.
  • It's possible to create an IMAP account when adding an account to a plan.
  • It's possible to drag-and-drop an archive to select it in the Data Format section of the Setup.
  • It's possible to select the last opened archive in the Data Format section of the Setup with one click.


  • Internal Database and MailSteward archives can be imported into the open archive.


  • Re-indexing a database works for Pro.
  • If a directory isn't available for the Pro Admin version there is now an icon.


  • Loading mailboxes in the Setup is faster for Postbox, Thunderbird and Outlook.
  • Speed improvements for archiving to Filemaker and PDF.
  • Archiving emails with lots of images has become much faster.
  • Greatly improved preparation time when archiving Gmail emails from Mail. Up to 10 times faster!
  • Removed the uninstaller from the application folder. This makes the verification phase of the installer much faster.


  • Renamed the helper app from "Mail Archiver X " to "Mail Archiver X Scheduler" so that enterprise environments don't think that Mail Archiver is a spam app.
  • Improved UI of progress window when the progress is indeterminate like when preparing Gmail for Mail.
  • Added check for date range when archiving from IMAP.
  • External attachments from Mail can now be uploaded to IMAP and are exported to mbox.
  • After adding an IMAP account and switching to another section the password is now hidden after switching back.
  • After selecting "Archive all mailboxes" all mailboxes are now shown as selected.
  • Increased max file length for PDF files from 50 to 100.
  • Renamed older than/younger than to before and after for archiving and deleting emails. "before" is now the default instead of "after".
  • Improved wording for PDF structure option.
  • Increased preview size of non-picture attachments.
  • Added context menu to list of emails to delete emails and upload them back into an IMAP account.