IDE Communicator Tester with CustomEditField
Version: 1.0 of 12-May-2020
Content: IDE Communicator with CustomEditField added to improve error handling when using IDE Communicator Tester.
Format: .zip

Open Lingua with Deepl
Version: 1.2 of 29-Oct-2019
Content: Open Lingua with Deepl integration so that you can translate localized strings automatically.
Format: .zip

Example for Google Measurement Protocol
Version: 1.0 of 09-Apr-2019
Content: An example for using the Google Measurement Protocol as lightweight in-app analytics.
Format: .zip

Cool Loading Weel Control
Version: 1.1 of 04-November-2015
Content: A circular progress control. Version 1.1 adds Retina support.
Format: .zip

Trixi's Tabsheets
Version: 1.4 of 13-November-2020
Content: Simple custom tabsheets, which support Retina displays.
Format: .zip

Version: 1.1 of 28-May-2020
Content: A wrapper for using the Cocoa AppleScript plugin of Monkeybread.
Format: .zip

Head First Design Patterns
Version: 1.1 of 22-January-2008
Content: A Xojo implementation of the patterns presented in the book "Head First Design Patterns".
Format: .zip