What are users saying about Mail Archiver X:

Andy Gambino from MacAid (UK)

Why did you choose Mail Archiver X?

I choose Mail Archiver X because i needed to backup my companies imap accounts and on a mac that can be a tricky affair. Mail Archiver X did the job quite nicely

Would you recommend Mail Archiver X to a friend or colleague?

I would recommend Mail Archiver X to anybody needing to archive their pop or imap accounts.

How have you benefited from Mail Archiver X?

I was able to archive 22GB of imap email on my mac quite easily.

What problem has Mail Archiver X solved for you?

It solved the issue of how do i easily archive an imap accout


Niels Döring from xtraplan architektur | innenarchitektur (Germany)

(Translated from German)

Why did you choose Mail Archiver X?

I searched for an archival application for emails to purge my mail client (Apple Mail.app) and still being able to access the archived mails.

Would you recommend Mail Archiver X to a friend or colleague?

Definitely. I already did this.

How have you benefited from Mail Archiver X?

Mail Archiver X can repeatedly and regularly save to an existing archive database so that ALL archived emails are in ONE database.

Especially the IMAP accounts get full regularly. Until now I had to archive the emails by hand and then delete them.

Mail Archiver X provides good value for it's money.


Matthew Lewis from Papyrus (UK):

Just a quick line to say thanks for the excellent support with mail archiver x, I followed your suggestions and it Worked like a dream.

I really was not expecting very much as the mail program I am using is huge (data base over 20gb).

Thanks for excellent service on top of a great program.


Thomas Kirn from Kirn EDV (Germany)

(Translated from German)

I selected Mail Archiver X because I knew the application from the webpages from RealStudio. I needed an application to archive my mails without abandoning the mail solution from Apple. Using a second mail client in parallel (for instance Outlook) was too much effort and too expensive.

I like Mail Archiver X because of it's slim range of functions (it does exactly what it should) and the good useability. The tool is slim and goal-orientated.

Mail Archiver X helps me to archive my mails daily in a central storage while I'm still able to access older mails quickly. I like especially the fact that the database is only one file. Therefore, it can be backup up and moved easily.

I was very pleased with your support. My problem was solved quickly and to my satisfaction.


Rudolf Pokorny (Germany)

(Translated from German)

I have been searching for a longer time for a solution that allows me to archive mails and keep a searchable archive. Currently I only use the application on my private computer. But even here a couple of 1000 mails have accumulated. The archival was fast and without problem. Using the application is simple. Mail.app is much faster after deleting the original mails. No problems have occurred. I can highly recommend the application.


Marcel Röth (Germany)

(Translated from German)

I downloaded the application together with other archival applications. I tested all of them quickly with the result that Mail Archiver X is by far the best one.


Jim Johnson (USA)

I was looking for a way to hold on to emails dating back to 2000. I had extracted my emails from Mail.app in year-sized groups. Mail Archiver X gave me the opportunity to preserve the emails and make them searchable without having to keep them 'live' in my email client software.

Mail Archiver X worked amazingly well at importing my nearly 15,000 emails. I was able to recover software registrations and correspondence. I would recommend Mail Archiver X to anyone who needs to keep track of correspondence long term.

Thank you for a nice solution to an emerging archiving problem.


Sanford Lung (USA), VP Emil Richards Music: http://www.emilrichards.com

I chose Mail Archiver X ["MaX"] because I'm still using Eudora for Mac v. 6.24, one of the reasons I have not moved up to OSX Lion. I've been looking at other email clients with which to replace Eudora.

I've been using Eudora for many years and have thousands of emails in different folders dating back to the late 1980's. Adam Engst of TidBits fame wrote of his weaning from Eudora in an article at http://tidbits.com/article/12382 in which he recommended MaX as a valuable tool for converting and archiving his email. …

I am confident that MaX will be the application to use when I migrate to a successor email client. I am pleased with the prompt and cogent tech support I have received thus far and anticipate that I can rely on your advice if I encounter any issues when the time to make the conversion comes. I commend you for providing a valuable tool for the Mac community and have no reservations about recommending MaX to other Mac users.


Glen Saville (USA): http://www.glensaville.com

Why did you choose Mail Archiver X?

I was looking for a simple solution that would cover both my use of Entourage and Mac OS X's Mail, if I decide to move over, your product answered both my concerns.

Would you recommend Mail Archiver X to a friend or colleague?

Yes, but they maybe need to be aware of how big the Databases can be.

How is Mail Archiver X better than our competition?

I currently have been using Softhings solution for Entourage, and have been using it for many years it works well and solves what I need for Entourage, but that is all it does, keeping an archive of email is important to my business, so I wanted to have an alternative to run side by side, but with extra options.

How have you benefited from Mail Archiver X?

Peace of mind more than anything else.

What are some fears and concerns people in your industry have that Mail Archiver X addresses?

Having a database of all your emails is vital for checking what was said on a project if anything goes wrong, it's also fantastic for retrieving lost serial numbers etc.


Robert Steiner (Germany)

Mail Archiver X is a very usefull application because it gives me the possibility to archive my mails as pdf and then makes it available via iCloud always and everywhere ony my iPad. This saves me a lot of time and search action.


Mike W. (USA):

I normally test several products before making a final decision but it was unnecessary with this one as it worked as advertised immediately with absolutely no start up problems.

Mail Archiver X allows me to archive from either source with virtually no effort.  I have become confident that my messages are safe and all in one place now.

It is a solid system, does exactly what it says it will do pretty effortlessly, runs well on the iMAC.  It zips through archiving 20+ mailboxes in nothing flat.



Chris Wokral (USA):

Why did you choose Mail Archiver X?

I choose Mail Archiver, as I work primarily from my laptop. As I often receive large attachments, and have to look up info from files/correspondence from years back, I wanted to means of archiving older messages off my laptop's hard drive to a NAS device. I don't need access to these archived files often, but when I do, well, it's often proved critical to the job/project at hand.

Would you recommend Mail Archiver X to a friend or colleague?

Absolutely. Mail Archiver has solved the problem of an ever growing mail box that previous consumed more and more of my disk space.

How is Mail Archiver X better than our competition?

It's better as it is simple, clean and does what I want: I can archive old messages from my current mail program, and deleted the unneeded copies. I can then rerun the program and further clean out my mailbox by appending additional messages at a later date, so I have a single location for all my archived correspondence.

How have you benefited from Mail Archiver X?

I've benefitted by regaining valuable disk space. My mail folder had grown to over 20GB. Now it's less than 1GB.

What problem has Mail Archiver X solved for you?

It helped me to extend the life of my existing hard drive, that I would otherwise have to replace in my laptop to gain the extra capacity.

How has my support been?

Your support is amazing. I've never worked with a software developer before...but you are always very quick to respond and have always helped me to solve a problem and get things working again. I really appreciate all your help, and it's nice that you've taken some of my input to help further improve the program. Thank-you for allowing me the opportunity to be of help.

What should other people know about Mail Archiver X and support service?

Simply put, it's good. I feel like I am safe storing my mail archives with Mail Archiver X.

What are some fears and concerns people in your industry have that Mail Archiver X addresses?

Data Loss. I think this would be the biggest concern. I was also concerned about the files being lost or corrupt, or stuck in a proprietary format that in the future could not be read or accessed. With me, having access to old files and being able to retrieve them when necessary is what is really important at times. Most of the time, these files are dormant, however, when I do need to reference a file/document from years back, it can mean the difference of getting a project or not (as well as being able to better support my customers).

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