Testimonials - What are users saying about Mail Archiver X:

Niels D.

Mail Archiver X is a great program!

Looking for a comfortable and reliable archiving of my emails from various IMAP accounts into a database with built-in viewer and its own search, filter and sort functions, which also runs on the Mac, I came across Mail Archiver X (MAX) back in 2008 and was immediately thrilled. Other applications available at the time either did not run on the Mac or were not stable, most were also uncomfortable, cluttered and often just ugly. I therefore decided to use MAX and have not regretted it to this day. It happened a few times during that time that I got problems with the database due to my own mistakes. Beatrix Willius helped me each time quickly and competently, so that I had no data loss and the database runs stable and fast until today. Thank you!

Since you can set in MAX in the archive or backup plan that only emails older than xx days are archived (and that regularly e.g. weekly) and the archived emails should be deleted from the IMAP server afterwards, I have no more "mailbox full" problems and the email client (Apple Mail for me) becomes orders of magnitude faster. My archive database contains over 36,000 emails spanning 12 years from more than 15 email accounts and is just under 37 GB in size. Still, a keyword search of all emails from all email addresses takes only about 5 seconds. My email correspondence is therefore seamlessly documented over decades. Great!

In our architectural office this has helped us very often. The warranty period for the executing craftsmen is 4 to 5 years. We ourselves have a retention obligation for all documents of 10 years. If, after several years, it has to be clarified what was done when, why and how, who made which decision and why a certain mistake could happen, other project coworkers are often not even able to compile the emails from the last year.

Even if at the end of the year the tax consultant requests missing receipts for online purchases or invoices from phone, internet and email providers for the year-end closing, we are only a few mouse clicks away from the solution.

Beatrix Willius' email support is friendly, fast and knowledgeable. The new program versions released over the past 12 years have all been worth their upgrade price. New functions, more stability, adaptation to new operating system versions and above all the always massively increased processing and search speed are a real benefit every time! I find the new license model good and fair. The user interface is modern, clear and tidy, the operation is almost self-explanatory and well documented. After the initial setup of the backup plans (there is a setup wizard for this that guides you through all the steps), the archiving process runs reliably and automatically.

The regular quality updates fix bugs that I had never noticed or encountered before.

With the new version 6 it is now also possible to create multiple archives, each with its own backup plans and settings. This allows me to backup my private and business mails into different archives. If I don't delete the emails from the server after archiving in the first archiving plan, I can use a second archiving plan to additionally backup the same emails into another archive according to different criteria and delete them from the server only afterwards. There are certainly many more possibilities than I have realised so far.

Keep it up, Ms. Willius!!!
  • Testimonials 2023

    Bart K. 2023-02-09

    I discovered that I had past email archives, both personal and related to my former business, which were difficult to access and search through, or sometimes not accessible at all. When I reconnected these readable archives to Outlook, it led to clutter in the application. The situation became more complex, and I was in need of a single, uncomplicated, and searchable location to manage and store my archived emails.

    Opting for Mail Archiver was an easy decision due to its user-friendly nature, incredibly responsive support, and my confidence in its ongoing development. While recognizing its strengths and acknowledging its limitations (no product is entirely tailored to my needs), I was able to test it thoroughly. The pricing seemed reasonable, and the support was exceptional—providing factual information and even conducting tests, then reporting back before my purchase. This experience instilled strong confidence in Mail Archiver's expertise, support quality, user-friendly design, and reliability.

    I encountered no objections or concerns. I learned how certain changes at Microsoft and within the new Outlook version presented challenges by reducing specific functionalities. If it weren't for this insight from you, I might have made some incorrect choices.

    Now, I have complete confidence in the process. I simply click, and the archiving is complete. It's also included in my backups, and I feel confident in accessing the archives without needing to undergo retraining or refer to a manual. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, and the search function performs effectively.

    A simple click on "archive," and the process begins. The quality report at the conclusion of archiving provides reassuring feedback.

    Of course, I anticipate that I might have some thoughts in the future... :)

    Andreas B. 2023-02-11

    My email account was full, and I stopped receiving new emails. Deleting them individually was a cumbersome task.

    This solution caught my attention in my search, and its two decades on the market gave it a trustworthy reputation.

    I had concerns about potential sluggishness, but it's surprisingly quick, except with Google Mail. Fortunately, I found a solution in the blog and implemented it.

    Having my emails securely stored is a definite advantage.

    The application process is straightforward, and it delivers results precisely. It even detects email accounts automatically, and the installation is seamless.

    As of now, I haven't encountered any issues, though I anticipate a better understanding with prolonged usage since I'm still new to the software.

    I truly appreciate your assistance, including your support via email.

    Scott A. 2023-03-09

    Apple's ongoing bug in Mail, resulting in empty email messages during the transition from server to local storage, compelled me to maintain a comprehensive backup of all locally stored messages.

    After trying out various Mail archiving solutions, I found that MailArchiverX excelled at presenting the archive in a similar manner to Apple Mail.

    Initially, I encountered a slight confusion when learning how to store the MailArchiverX database on a separate storage device.

    By performing regular backups, I find solace in knowing that all messages will remain accessible, no matter when the bug strikes.

    The process of creating archives is as simple as pressing a button.

    While the performance is satisfactory, a bit more speed would certainly enhance the experience.

    I've noticed that utilizing a swift external SSD for backing up from my fast MacBook Pro internal SSD can notably expedite the archiving process.

    Dave M. 2023-03-23

    Dealing with an overwhelming backlog of emails spanning a decade from four distinct accounts, both within Apple Mail storage and backup locations, became a challenge.

    I gave Postbox a shot, but its complexity didn't suit someone like me who isn't online all day.

    I briefly experimented with an earlier version of Mail Archive, finding it a bit lightweight then. However, after enduring several years of iCloud archiving struggles involving a mix of an iCloud account and three Hughes.net accounts, I circled back to Mail Archive X. The improvements since my initial trial have not disappointed. This time, I didn't even wait until the trial's end to choose Mail Archiver X. With over 25,000 emails distributed among more than 100 "archives," it's now my go-to solution, and I'm not turning back.

    Not owning a smartphone means I'm not compelled to run everything through iCloud. Moreover, lacking an iPhone connection has led Apple to throttle my "free" iCloud account. So, breaking away from an Apple dependency is a welcome change.

    The software's consistent automatic performance across various internet providers is a definite advantage.

    John L. 2023-04-03

    For years, I searched for an email archiving solution that could seamlessly handle my emails while efficiently organizing attachments.

    I tried around 6 or 7 different archiving solutions, but none proved intuitive or comprehensive. Whether due to exorbitant costs or incomplete archives, every app I attempted encountered problems. Most complicated apps struggled to read my existing email mailboxes. Mail Archiver was a breath of fresh air, as it's the first solution that truly understands the importance of ease in archiving.

    Starting with Mail Archiver presented a few challenges, but the developer's responsiveness swiftly resolved all issues. While some were simple fixes, others were more intricate, yet all were successfully addressed.

    For the first time since my online journey began (Compuserve days, for those in the know), I felt confident that my emails were both archived and secure. I frequently use the archive, and even when I don't, I rest assured knowing my emails are safe.

    The automation feature has significantly simplified my life. Post each archive session, I receive an email, which also serves as a reminder to check the app if necessary. It works quietly in the background, and daily notifications of successful archives provide peace of mind. I no longer feel the need for daily archives and am considering shifting to weekly archives going forward, owing to my complete faith in Mail Archiver's ability to safeguard my emails.

    It's rare for me to lack any improvement wishes, but this app defies expectations. It's consistently updated, and I often find myself utilizing features I never knew I needed.

    The developer is incredibly accessible and promptly addresses all inquiries. Her evident passion for the app shines through in her responsiveness and expertise.

    Marco B. 2023-04-05

    Apple Mail's export function lacks transparency and proves challenging when attempting to export complete folders.

    Numerous individuals online endorsed Mail Archiver X.

    My primary goal was to regain control of my mailboxes, a feat successfully achieved by Mail Archiver X.

    Mail Archiver X effectively alleviates the persistent worry of losing my email history.

    The standout advantages are its user-friendly interface and dependable performance.

    Simplifying its usability further would be a valuable enhancement.

    Thomas S. 2023-04-08

    My internet provider lost years' worth of email data across three IMAP accounts. This unfortunate incident happened after I switched to a new service package that included TV, landline telephone, a faster router, and internet. Despite being assured that everything would remain unchanged, except for a change in the number of TV channels, all my email history was wiped. Consequently, I needed to safeguard the emails still present in my mail client.

    After searching the Apple App Store, this particular solution seemed the most promising in terms of its description, user interface, and being created by a passionate individual.

    Was the product worth the investment? The offer of a free trial and a money-back guarantee made my choice simple. I tested it out and registered within 48 hours. Satisfied with the experience.

    Although it didn't revolutionize my life, having archived emails from several years back is reassuring. Every so often, situations arise where I need to reference an old conversation or locate a long-lost attachment.

    The app boasts a straightforward and intuitive interface. It's clear that the app was designed with the users' needs in mind.

    The only minor hiccup is that when I maximize the window to full screen, the app doesn't fully utilize the available screen area.

    Overall, it's a good product!

    Frank B. 2023-04-09

    Apple Mail used to take several minutes to open, and my account held around 10 GB of emails and attachments. Despite attempting various solutions to resolve the issue, I eventually decided to take a different approach: cleaning up the emails and reinstalling from scratch.

    One major advantage is its compatibility with FileMaker as a database.

    Setting it up is straightforward, and after a few tests, I've planned to utilize it on a quarterly basis to streamline my mailbox.

    Key highlights include FileMaker integration and efficient email deletion. Notably, there's no format lock-in, and the option to migrate to mbox format is available.

    Mario R. 2023-04-24

    I've been active on the internet and email for nearly two decades, accumulating a substantial volume of emails that I couldn't part with.

    I explored various options, but Mail Archiver's database repository proved to be the optimal solution for my requirements.

    This software offers the perfect approach to manage email archives, and its consistent modernization and development are evident.

    It provides a reassuring solution, allowing me to access important emails and attachments spanning nearly two decades.

    I particularly appreciate the database concept and rapid search functionality.

    The continuous updates to the product have left me highly satisfied. The software has been enhanced for greater robustness, speed, and its interface has been modernized in line with Apple's evolving UI designs.

    Jens V. 2023-04-28

    I frequently needed to reference old emails, but I faced space limitations on the mail provider's server, causing searches to become increasingly sluggish.

    My initial attempt involved a Devonthink database, which proved to be quite maintenance-intensive.

    On two occasions, my database crashed unexpectedly on your system, resulting in the loss of over 1000 emails the first time. As a preventive measure, I now back up the database files. The support I received was exceptional and swift.

    The process is now fully automated, ensuring the archive is readily available whenever I require it. However, the two unexplained crashes have left me somewhat apprehensive each time I open the app. Will it once again greet me with the message, "Cannot open database, an unknown error occurred, please contact the developer. You can no longer use the current database"? I'm hopeful I never encounter that message again. :-)

    The search function is notably speedy.

    Regarding the interface design, it does give off a slightly 1990s vibe :-) Nevertheless, I haven't yet had a chance to explore version 7; I've just installed it.

    No issues so far.

    Paulo L. 2023-04-30

    In today's world, we receive numerous crucial emails daily, and while we don't wish to print them, leaving them in the mailbox indefinitely isn't a viable solution. All things have their limits, and emails that are important today can continue to hold significance in the future. Due to this, I began my search for software that could provide rapid database searches and the capability to archive emails in PDF format. These were the primary motivations behind my decision to purchase Mail Archiver.

    Considering the price-to-quality ratio, I believe it was the optimal solution.

    Initially, as someone inexperienced with this type of software, Mail Archiver didn't feel particularly user-friendly. Consulting the manual was a necessity, as is the case for most users. This was an exception for me, as I genuinely enjoy exploring products.

    I find myself at ease now, especially in situations where the system experiences a crash.

    The archiving feature has been particularly useful.

    I'm eager to see the enhancements in this new version 7.0, and once I've had a chance to explore it, I'll be able to provide my opinion.

    Alex H. 2023-05-08

    Apple Mail's PDF export function had become unreliable, resulting in incorrectly displayed emails and excessively lengthy export times. Additionally, Mail Archiver X eliminated the need for me to manually prepend dates to filenames and ensured the accurate automatic application of subjects.

    I stumbled upon this app coincidentally while searching for a remedy to Apple Mail's problematic PDF export feature. I appreciated its simplicity, while still offering a comprehensive solution, and the absence of a subscription model. Mail Archiver X effortlessly automates what I spent years laboring over manually, significantly saving me time. I must admit, I've been on the lookout for a solution for quite some time, and unfortunately, I've only now come across Mail Archiver X.

    As of now, I have no complaints.

    Mail Archiver X has streamlined a task I've manually handled for years. It converts emails into PDFs that mirror the appearance in the email program, sparing me considerable time and frustration. Finally stumbling upon this convenient solution brings me immense relief.

    The highlights for me are the PDF export feature, automatic renaming, and the hierarchical filing with separate attachment archiving.

    It would be a welcome addition if attachment filenames could also be automatically tagged with the date and time of the associated email's receipt.

    Thank you.

    Scott A. 2023-06-05

    Starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina (2019) and persisting into 2023, there's been an Apple Mail bug causing SMTP mail moved to a local directory to occasionally lose its contents. While the emails remain visible, the content disappears, rendering it unrecoverable.

    In my quest for mail archiving solutions, I tested various options. I was drawn to the way Mail Archiver stores messages, presenting them in a format akin to Apple Mail.

    My primary concern revolved around the speed of creating and updating the email archive. While initial performance seemed sluggish, each subsequent version update has significantly improved the speed.

    I sincerely wish an archiver weren't necessary and that emails remained inherently secure. However, Apple's demonstrations of how easily crucial messages can be lost have shifted archiving from a choice to a necessity.

    The setup process is incredibly simple, enabling quick and seamless usage.

    As my collection of email messages continues to expand, the speed of archiving takes on paramount importance.

    For further context, you can refer to the comprehensive and ongoing thread about the issue of permanent email loss in Apple Email through this link: https://mjtsai.com/blog/2019/10/11/mail-data-loss-in-macos-10-15/

    Hannes G. 2023-06-18

    Apple Mail archiving lacks clear feedback on the completion of the archiving process, and retrieving old emails from these archives is also limited. My need is to efficiently archive my emails, retain access to them later, and ensure the ability to back up the archives.

    The price point is reasonable, and being developed locally by a developer aligns with my requirements.

    It might not fully meet my legal needs, but sometimes compromises are acceptable.

    Initially, I questioned whether all the automated processes were truly functioning, but I've gained complete confidence now, and I rest easy.

    The software offers various automations for different mailboxes and provides multiple deletion options.

    A big thank you for the great service. The responsiveness of the customer support is remarkable. While I don't require assistance frequently, whenever I do, Beatrix is consistently quick to respond. Thank you!

    Ross C. 2023-07-31

    I used to handle archiving manually, with the intention of retaining all emails while avoiding any negative impact on searches or my email client's performance over time. Additionally, the idea of having an overwhelming influx of visible emails wasn't appealing to me; it felt distracting.

    Among the solutions I explored, Mail Archiver emerged as the most potent. Its standout feature was its ability to export archives in a standard format that ensures longevity even if the developer discontinues the project. The prospect of an archive that wouldn't remain locked in a proprietary format was paramount to me.

    Initially, I had concerns about ending up with a cluster of empty mailboxes and worried if the archiver would verify integrity before deleting emails. Would the app be capable of handling the substantial volume?

    I haven't yet reached the point where the last email ages out of a mailbox, and I might still encounter some remaining empty mailboxes. Time will tell. Nevertheless, the app has proven steadfast in verification and has managed every email I've thrown its way.

    A process that was previously a quarterly, manual affair is now managed seamlessly in the background at regular intervals. I've even expanded my archive strategy, given the minimal time investment required. I find myself organizing my emails more within my client and worrying less about what to retain.

    The ability to select specific mailboxes for archiving and maintain the existing mailbox structure is truly invaluable. Learning that I could email directly from IMAP quickly became my favorite feature. Initially, I didn't anticipate the remarkable power it would hold.

    As a suggestion, it could be beneficial if the app automatically archived sent mail and placed it within a dynamically created folder structure like "/Sent Mail/2021/AccountName." The last two elements would be dynamic, ensuring the placement of sent mail from January 1 to December 31 in the new year folder. Currently, I manually create the mailbox and relocate sent mail after about a year—a process I consider my last manual archive step

    Peter D. 2023-08-03

    How can I effectively manage important emails related to purchases and financial matters?

    I experimented with various alternatives, but none of them seamlessly aligned with my requirements.

    Maintaining a mail archive that permits easy removal of non-essential emails is essential to me. Moreover, the capability to store crucial emails in the cloud as PDF files is incredibly valuable. Both these aspects can be realized through different plans.

    Now, I'm confident in my ability to swiftly locate significant emails from the past, without contending with an overflowing mailbox.

    The flexibility offered by the array of plans, allowing for the selection of different mailboxes, is a standout feature.

    I'm content with the current features available.

  • Testimonials 2022

    David L. 2022-01-10

    I needed something that saves my emails for future reference, something easy to use from within the file system, that could be transferred to a new computer without issues. I also wanted them out of my email programs as it makes them load very slow.

    Mail Archiver supports lots of systems and standards, can archive from Apple Mail or directly from imap and offers the solution to archive mail as PDF files, which I like as it seems future proof and does not require any special software to read the files. I also like all the rule based options.

    The rules are done well, I was a bit concerned if they don't work properly I end up with some emails deleted and not archived etc. but so far this has never happened.

    I am a digital hoarder and keep most of my emails. But over time that slows your email programs down considerably. Mail Archiver has made it a joy again using email (its nice and fast) while still giving me the option to retain all the old emails I might need to reference at some future point.

    [The feature I like the most is] archiving to PDF, rules, time based execution of the archive rules.

    Just keep up the good work! Maybe adding options to backup directly to cloud services such as iCloud and dropbox rather than a local hard drive could also be good, but is not a pressing need.

    The support is great, I have had a few instances where I had specific questions on functions or an error occurred and the developer (it seems to be an indie project mostly) is very responsive, polite, helpful and a joy to work with.

    Dietmar B. 2022-01-10

    I was looking for a way to archive my emails securely and keep the mailbox small in the Mail program and on the server at the provider.

    [I bought the program] Because I found Mail Archiver best suited for working with Apple.

    There were (whether this is still the case with version 6, I don't know yet) error messages when opening the program, to the effect that the program was not closed correctly the last time it was used and the database must be "recovered". The archive was saved on a NAS drive. I assume that this was/is a problem.

    [I find the following features best:] Archive with attachments, be able to open and print/save attachments from the archive. Access to old mails at any time.

    [I would like to see] even better integration into daily work (faster access to all archives).

    Zsolt M. 2022-03-20

    [I bought Mail Archiver because I was] Running out of space on my gmail account

    I was testing it extensively and it showed to be reliable

    I'm not entirely happy with the GUI, workflow and design of the software, but the other solutions I tested were far from perfect too and this one proved to be the best in it's essence. The support is quick, friendly and knowledgable (it is the app creator herself after all)

    [Mail Archiver] will free up the space on my gmail account, that is all, not really a life changing experience

    Add more then 999 days as date one can archive from, make the machine specific password for gmail process simpler (a wizard in mail archiver x)

    Radek V. 2022-03-22

    I was looking for archiving solution like Outlook has. But I'm used to Apple mail and I have many email accounts on a variety of platforms like standard IMAP, Exchange, Gmail. I was hoping for a solution that can archive all emails older than one year from today on a periodic basis.

    I read good references and the price was reasonable.

    I'm now at peace with google drive's free space and other IMAP account space. I've felt fine ;-)

    Just keep developing [Mail Archiver]. It's a good software. Thumbs up.


    Lutz D. 2022-03-25

    I did not even know that there is a software like yours. I use emails since 1992 and I lost a lost of emails in my life. Hopefully this is now come to an end. Thanks to Bundlehunt I got to know your great software. Thank you very much!

    (I bought Mail Archiver) because I tried it and it was all I was looking for.


    Mike N. 2022-04-03

    I was looking for a way to keep an easily retrievable backup of my past emails organized by mail folders in my Apple Macintosh Mail application.

    Mail Archiver DOES provide me with an easily retrievable data base of my emails that is organized according to my mail folder storage scheme.

    I was concerned by the stability and safety of the backup. Yes Mail Archiver is reliable.

    I greatly appreciate Mail Archiver allowing me to have an easily retrievable source of my important emails which I retain.

    Backup is retrievable by mail folder hierarchy. In addition attachments remain associated with any archived email.

    Larry K. 2022-04-16

    Google choose to do their thing and abandon us original users of the free google apps tier. Since they have a history of very poor communication I needed something for my e-mail they are holding hostage unless I pay. So this was the solution to abandoning Google for Apple. So I can have access to my email while I switch.

    Axel B. 2022-04-27

    [Mail Archiver is ] Compatibe whith mac osx, independent from e-mail programme,

    it is versatile, easy to use, support by Ms. Wilius is above all expectations

    ..without any worries, i have access to my e-mail history, no more data loss due to diligent soft- and hardware maintainence

    hang on, don' let the product die, ever


    Marc-F S. 2022-04-30

    I'm bored with size limitation, I don't want to loose any email. I have many accounts and your solutions it's perfect for saving my mail. Special Thank to François Cuneo from Cuk.

    Because François (Cuk) told it's a good solution

    no objection. To keep my privacy and the secret of my email is important. Freedom is the most important thing (apart from Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité).


    Steven H. 2022-05-04

    I have seen people lose years of email. It is tricky to restore just Mail from a Time Machine backup. I wanted a better way to secure my email.

    MailArchiverX is the only software I know of that does what it does.

    Daryl R. 2022-05-09

    Needed to get bulk emails from Apple Mail into Filemaker database to speed up billing process.

    Mail Archiver was the only real solution. Simple and straightforward process that could handle hundreds of emails with attachments.

    MailArchiver speeds up the whole process of transferring emails into the database providing easy accountability for billing purposes and a more professional end product.

    Hans A. 2022-05-17

    I only could save emails in the original format

    Mail Archiver is the only solution I found that can save emails as pdf or in a database that I can save to a backup medium

    No concerns about Mail Archiver. I like the solution.

    Now I feel save, because I can read ons of my mails without having it in my emailprogram. So every year I can start with a clean mailprogram without hundreds of mails from the year before.

    [I like the most] That I can save my emails as pdf on an external harddisk.


    Ramon T. 2022-05-28

    10 years ago it was just storage, so many services had very limited storage and manual creation of inboxes became unreliable due to compatibility between clients and platforms. Later it was the other way around, so much storage that the clients really struggle handling that many emails, reindexing was common, and the same incompatibility remains to this day for long-term archiving.

    The scheduler, the diverse formats to export, and the advanced search. Also its own database is quite efficient, Apple Mail and Outlook do struggle with way less entries.

    [I'm now] Confident about storing the important information in one database I can backup and replicate as I need to. Peace of mind.

    [I have some feature requests]: The ""nice"": The interface can be improved to feel more aligned to apple guidelines, The ""great"": Export directly back into an email client, other database options (ex. Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL, even MSSQL/Oracle for enterprise users)

    Great product from a kind and amazing developer. Keep up the good work!

    " "

    Yvan G. 2022-06-01

    I had many accounts on different computer and it was a time consuming task to consolidate all that. I also had many copies of the same email.

    With Mail archiver, now all emails are in one place, kept on my systems and no more messages telling me that I am about to exceed my storage limits and no duplicate.

    Very good match for an Apple MAC environment, very responsive support (I read about it and for many years now I have used it). The pricing structure is one time fee. For my personal system I hate all those monthly pricing structure because it is easy to loose track through time of all those expanses.

    Because I used the free trial offer, I knew what I was getting in. So no concerns before buying. After a year or two, the product was still delivering on its promesses without any hidden surprise. Since that time the product have evolved and still continue.

    I like knowing that it is doing its job every day without problems. Because of security concerns, I am very happy with the fact that all my emails are now on my system and encrypted and the fact they those emails have a very short life in the cloud with daily removal from the cloud.

    [I like the] Reliability and search features.

    Not sure yet but I am looking at secure mail client like Proton mail. I do not know if you need to change something to be compatible with but this is where I am looking after receiving fishing mails 2 days after Apple send me a delivery notice; I had never received a fishing message about Apple before. Maybe a coincidence but I doubt it.

    Continue the good work.


    Robert F. 2022-06-11

    We all accumulate too much email over time - it slows down our email apps and makes it harder to find the message we are looking for. I needed to get all the very old messages out of my Mail app without losing access to them if needed in the future.

    Mail Archiver X is a brilliant solution. It allows the user to select exactly what to archive, it can be used occasionally to clear a whole tranch of emails or regularly to keep the mailboxes slim and efficient. It is under constant development, adding new features and ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of mail apps and operating systems, and the developer is incredibly responsive and helpful if a problem arises. This is the best solution I have found to the problem of keeping email volumes in check.

    Ocassional bugs arise in all software and inevitably some users have unusual use cases. Beatrix is amazingly responsive to questions and problems, quickly diagnosing what is going on and providing a fix. If only all software developers were this responsive to their customers. First rate customer service!

    My older emails and accounts are organised into a set of searchable archives. I use email a lot for work. Now I can find what I need quicker, my email app runs faster, and I know I can find information and old conversations when I need them.

    [I like the most the] Automatic and manual archiving of email messages.

    There is no specific improvement I would love to see - it does what I need. Just keep doing what you are doing. It's the best email archiving solution I have found so far in over 30 years as an email user (yes, I remember the early X.400 email solutions!).

    A big thank you!

    Ken L. 2022-06-13

    After having a family member pass away I found MailArchiver to be a great way to keep an offline, searchable record of emails and correspondence for the family record.

    Mail Archiver is the best email archiving solution I have found.

    I have found Mail Archiver to be a reliable, easy to use utility.

    Cloud technologies such as Google and OneDrive are excellent, until you realize all of the data are out of your hands. Mail Archiver puts control of your email messages back in your hands.

    [I like the most the] Searchable email database with the ability to export messages.

    Christoph F. 2022-06-26

    My brothers whole E-Mail was empty after clicking a wrong link - and no possibility to restore. A bad (for me unknown) gap in the backup concept.

    First it seemed a low price in iTunes store. The limitation to 10.000 E-Mail I din't realise at that moment. Never the less the Mail Archive X works so good, that I don't change to other solution. Single place license on top :-(

    Backup of multiple E-Mail accounts - whole family an more. Yes

    [I love the] Transparent and good processes. Good integration into my backup concept. [I also love the] automated schedule.

    A summary at the top or bottom of protocol "xy emails are archived in total" [would be nice to have].

    Simon S. 2022-07-20

    I was worried that a failure of a server holding my emails could mean losing them forever. It happened to a flier and the email provider basically said "tough" and blamed them for not having a backup. So I went looking for a backup app.

    Mail Archiver seemed easier to use and is highly configurable though I use it at its simplest level – it just backups up everything and even if I have deleted an email from a folder in my live IMAP account, it still keeps a copy in the archive. A real "belt and braces" solution.

    Slightly concerned that the software is from a small provider – however support has been personal and excellent and as we know, big corporations on't always seem to care. But the author of this software seems to be very actively involved.

    It gives peace of mind that in the event of a massive failure, I have an archive of all my emails. And it allows me to bin emails from my live account safe int he knowledge that I have a copy pin an archive should I ever need it.

    It archives and keeps all emails.

    Some of the instructions do not appear straightforward - they are actually easy enough to follow but perhaps for novice users there should be a button that you click to start arriving everything - it could then ask you the program you wish to archive from, where you want to save the archive and give you the option to set up a simple schedule - so a "set up and forget" function.

    Thanks for a great app.

    Blaine G. 2022-07-22

    I am planning on changing my ISP and will lose an email address I have had for decades. I wanted to make sure I had an archive in case I needed to refer to any old emails.

    [Mail Archiver] appeared to do everything I wanted.

    I had purchased in a bundle deal a year ago, not realizing that I had only received a code to claim the license, not the actual license. When I went to install, it turned out the code was no longer active and I was worried I was out of luck, but the developer was incredibly responsive, and reactivated the code more quickly than I would have even expected an initial reply. Fantastic customer support, I must say!

    I just created my first test archive and everything looks as good as promised, so I am feeling a bit less worried about changing my ISP since I will at least be able to easily search my old emails.

    There is some comfort in the interface, as it still feels like I am just looking at an active email reader.

    Thanks for the great customer experience!

    mora G. 2022-07-26

    My email provider lost all my historic mails and I never success reloading them.

    I bought mail archiver after reading a complete comparative test made by a blogger who is a fan of apple solutions and whose opinions I regularly follow

    I was aware of a discount on the purchase of the solution but only after I had purchased it. After sending a note, I immediately received a refund of th[e different in the price]

    I feel more secure knowing that I keep track of all the emails that are important to me.

    [I love the] simplicity. I was able to set up the tool immediately without any guidance. The few very well done advice emails sent by the editor confirmed my choices.

    I don't have enough experience in using this solution to identify any shortcomings. At this stage, the solution seems to me to be quite complete.

    Thank you to Beatrix for her professionalism as well as the speed and efficiency she demonstrates in the follow-up of her clients

    adrian B. 2022-08-24

    During the initial era of emails, reliability was far from guaranteed. The email applications of that time also struggled to effectively store messages. Moreover, many of these applications had short lifespans, often necessitating transitions to different solutions. In contrast, Mail Archive X offered the continuity that was sorely needed amidst changes in servers, accounts, clients, and computers.

    An additional advantage is that it maintains the agility of your mail client, as you're not required to store thousands of messages there. Even if it were capable, not all mail clients can import messages from older and discontinued counterparts.

    This solution stood out as one of the better options, with a solid reputation. Moth has maintained a strong presence in this field for an extended period, a feat that's remarkable considering the number of other solutions that have folded.

    Moth's customer support is notably commendable, swiftly resolving most issues. Their responsiveness to customer needs in preparing new versions is evident.

    Mail Archiver X has shown marked improvement over the years. It has become faster, more reliable, and generally better in its performance.

    Key strengths include its automatic archiving capability and efficient searches for older messages.

    They've been proactive in addressing my suggestions; they've already incorporated some of my requests.

    As of now, I don't have any specific concerns. The team has already fulfilled some of my requests, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the product.

    Pete T. 2022-08-29

    I had a pressing need to retain and easily search through my emails. Storing messages within my email client across numerous years resulted in an unwieldy file that, if lost, could be catastrophic.

    Mail Archiver X emerged as a solution due to its user-friendly interface, reasonable cost, developer support, efficient attachment handling, and a range of evolving features.

    While I encountered occasional challenges with multiple mailboxes, the developer responded promptly, offering practical solutions to address the issues.

    Now, I'm able to swiftly retrieve emails from past years without enduring lengthy search sessions.

    The adept management of attachments is noteworthy.

    A bit more vibrancy in the color scheme would be a nice touch.

    No significant concerns at this point.

    Ole R. 2022-10-25

    Due to Mail.app's recognized issues with large archives, I found myself in need of archiving old emails.

    Out of all the available options, Mail Archiver proved to be the superior choice. I thoroughly evaluated the market and discovered that most applications could only handle backups, lacking the capacity for true archiving with subsequent mail server deletions.

    The process of deleting old emails naturally raises concerns. To err on the side of caution, I perform a backup beforehand and assess its effectiveness. Additionally, a few minor and non-critical matters remain on my radar for future attention.

    The notion of a PDF archive strikes me as a secure long-term solution. I hold some reservations about databases, but I'm comforted by the thought that I'll still be able to access PDFs even two decades down the line.


    Detlef B. 2022-11-19

    Dealing with a multitude of emails across various IMAP servers was causing noticeable slowdowns, and my available storage space was limited, prompting the need for cleanup.

    Among the options available, Mail Archiver stood out as having the most suitable range of features for my requirements. I prefer to maintain the archive within a database, as archiving into PDFs doesn't align with my needs.

    The direct engagement and feedback from the developer are particularly appealing. An initial concern of mine was the availability of support for the software.

    I'm currently in the early stages of using it...

    The comprehensive functionality is a highlight. Having the capability to store the database on a drive of my choice, rather than on the internal HD, resonates with me.

    I'm yet to ascertain other aspects.

    Thanks for the support!


    Joerg K. 2022-11-28

    A dependable backup solution with robust search capabilities was my priority. When I discovered the call for beta users for Mail Archiver X, I seized the opportunity and began utilizing it.

    Engaging in beta testing and endorsing the concept led me to exclusively focus on Mail Archiver X, foregoing any further exploration of alternative solutions.

    For me, unwavering reliability is paramount—a solution that ensures zero email losses. I place significant trust in a resilient system, even in the event of errors, knowing my data remains secure. Sometimes I experience slight uncertainty, yet I place my confidence in the comprehensive checks conducted after each run to assess the status of the database.

    The software effectively conserves valuable storage on the mail server, as I employ Mail Archiver X as a backup mechanism that removes emails. This approach proves more cost-effective compared to retaining extensive storage on the email server.

    The newfound flexibility in plan settings is a standout feature, affording me greater autonomy in creating backups for both personal and professional purposes. This versatility permits distinct settings tailored to various use cases and requirements.

    However, the error messages could use improvement; they occasionally prove perplexing, and clicking the OK button when an error arises doesn't yield the expected outcome. Enhanced clarity in error messages, detailing the incident, stage, plan, and database affected, would be immensely helpful.

    I'd like to extend my gratitude for crafting such an exceptional tool and for the prompt and effective support you consistently provide.

    Charles W. 2022-11-28

    I have a huge personal archive of over 20 years of mail messages: family and for my local condo association mostly. My email client was being overwhelmed by them.

    I bought Mail Archiver because it does only one thing: archive. It does that one thing well and keeps my old mails safe. Also, the search function is faster and more accurate than the one in the mail client. This matters because I am often searching for an old message on some obscure topic.

    The regular overnight archiving sometimes seems to forget to update the next archive time somehow. This means that it doesn't trigger and sometimes does not automatically restart the next day after my system restarts for some reason.

    I feel more secure about the storage of old emails.

    I possess an extensive personal archive spanning over two decades, encompassing mail messages from family and my local condo association. The sheer volume was overwhelming my email client.

    My decision to purchase Mail Archiver stemmed from its singular focus on archiving—a task it excels at, effectively preserving my old emails. Additionally, the search function outperforms the one in my email client in terms of speed and accuracy. This distinction holds significance as I frequently seek out old messages on various obscure topics.

    One minor issue I've encountered is that the regular overnight archiving occasionally seems to overlook updating the next archive time. Consequently, it doesn't trigger as intended and sometimes fails to automatically restart the following day after my system restarts unexpectedly.

    Using Mail Archiver has bolstered my confidence in the secure storage of my old emails.

    The essence of its value lies in its archiving capabilities.

    Thank you.

  • Testimonials 2021

    Chris K. 2021-01-04

    Apple Mail was acting up, struggling with fetching and displaying emails accurately, and even continuously downloading non-existent ones. Additionally, the search functionality was malfunctioning.

    Mail Archiver X seemed like a logical solution to the challenges posed by having a considerable number of archival emails in the email client. I had read about the developer's quick responses to questions, and I've personally experienced this prompt support as well.

    The software significantly eases the management of a substantial volume of emails.

    I appreciate the detailed control it offers over archiving preferences and the option to color-code emails rather than immediately deleting them.

    One aspect to note is that the color-coding process tends to be quite slow. I would also welcome the inclusion of a threaded view for my archived emails in Mail Archiver X.

    Thanks for the tool and the great work! It is much appreciated!

    Robin B. 2021-01-06

    After transitioning from Windows to Mac, I encountered a challenge in archiving my emails in an easily accessible format that could be seamlessly accessed across various devices. On Windows, I used PST Mail for my iPhone and iPad, but I couldn't locate an equivalent solution for Mac. Fortunately, when I discovered Mail Archiver X, I realized I could archive emails as PDFs and store them in cloud-based folders, granting me access from my mobile devices. This functionality is immensely valuable, allowing me to maintain all my emails in a universally accessible format across platforms. I'm genuinely delighted with the solution.

    Having the opportunity to conduct a trial run with Mail Archiver X was particularly beneficial. It enabled me to confirm that the software aligned with my needs. During this process, Beatrix's assistance was invaluable, especially in helping me overcome a glitch I had encountered. Overall, from the product to the trial experience and customer service, I felt confident in selecting Mail Archiver X.

    Any concerns I had were self-inflicted, and I found Beatrix to be not only supportive but also meticulous in guiding me through them.

    Among its array of features, I've found the conversion of emails into PDFs to be the most advantageous. However, I may also explore utilizing the Internal Database format.

    Introducing an app for iPhone and iPad could potentially be a beneficial enhancement.

    Thank you for your assistance throughout this journey.

    Wim P. 2021-01-25

    I previously used DEVONthink 2 to archive my emails. However, with the cost increase upon upgrading to DT3, I sought a more economical solution. My search led me to desire an application that could consolidate all my emails into a single archive and solely update it with new messages, eliminating the need for incremental backups. Moreover, I prioritized ease of use, effortless setup, and swift retrieval.

    Mail Archiver X effectively fulfilled all the requirements I had outlined earlier.

    Initially, my main concerns revolved around avoiding the necessity of working with incremental backups, steering clear of a cumbersome interface, and ensuring seamless retrieval. Nevertheless, my trial experience laid those concerns to rest; it became evident that my apprehensions were unfounded.

    A slight enhancement could be imparted to the interface, perhaps a touch more refinement and elegance. This could involve refining colors and adjusting the size of icons.

    Thank you.

    Jim S. 2021-03-03

    In order to prevent my inbox from becoming inundated with emails, I resorted to archiving them into "On My Mac" local folders. However, this approach rendered older emails inaccessible on various devices. The Pro version of this program emerged as a viable solution to this predicament.

    The server option held particular appeal to me.

    While the setup process's ease was a concern, Beatrix's assistance greatly streamlined it.

    Both the server and the database components were of significance to me.

    Enabling remote hosting of the server would be a valuable addition, eliminating the need for an "always-on" local computer, especially beneficial for home and small business use.

    Beatrix's outstanding responsiveness and guidance during the setup phase were immensely valued. I'm truly appreciative of this exceptional level of customer support.

    Kaliko T. 2021-03-04

    I have a substantial volume of emails spread across more than 30 different email addresses that I need to monitor and archive for both personal and business purposes. I oversee multiple websites, each with its unique set of emails and concerns that require diligent tracking and a well-maintained archive over time. Mail Archiver X has proven indispensable in addressing these needs, and I've been utilizing it since 2018, seamlessly integrating it with FileMaker Pro.

    Mail Archiver X emerged as my preferred solution for several reasons: (1) I'm inclined to support independent developers and individuals I trust, such as Beatrix and her Moth Software team; (2) the application seamlessly integrates with FileMaker Pro; (3) it delivers precisely what's required, remaining steadfast in its focus on the essential task without being cluttered with extraneous features.

    Mail Archiver X adeptly fulfills all my requirements.

    One feature I especially appreciate is the ability to seamlessly integrate with FileMaker Pro. This empowers me to store my emails within my own solution and seamlessly incorporate them into other processes integral to my business operations.

    Beatrix, I extend my gratitude for sustaining this invaluable resource. Wishing you and your family all the best from your friend in Hawaii.

    Davydd G. 2021-03-16

    I encountered an issue with the IT system at Cornell University, which was causing conflicts with the scheduler system. Beatrix promptly resolved the problem by creating a version without the automatic scheduler. Now, as I've transitioned to a new computer, I needed to renew the activation, and her response came within minutes. Every interaction I've had with Moth Software has been remarkably positive and swift.

    Among the many systems I tested, this one not only consistently performed the best but also enabled me to retrieve archived emails that I couldn't locate through any other means.

    There are no concerns other than seeking assistance with installation and re-activation.

    This solution instills the confidence I require, especially given an incident where my university lost tens of thousands of emails due to a server collapse. With this software, I always possess my personal archive.

    The readability of the archive is notably advantageous.

    Please, continue the commendable work you're doing.

    Truly exceptional service is a rarity, but this company consistently delivers it.

    David S. 2021-03-22

    • Languid performance of my email application due to a bloated database.

    • Cumbersome approach to locating older or archived email records.

    • The product performs admirably.

    • The developer's commitment, almost compulsive, to refining the product is evident.

    • Communication with the developer in response to suggestions for enhancement, UI queries, and bug reports is punctual, professional, agreeable, and remarkably constructive.

    • The pricing is exceedingly fair, establishing it as an exceptional value proposition.

    Email archiving, backup, and database optimization have now become effortlessly swift and dependable. These aspects collectively bestow substantial peace of mind.

    The capability to archive and optimize the database (deleting archived records) with a single script is a significant advantage.

    Continue to pursue your ongoing efforts; the trajectory of improvement is commendable.

    I wholeheartedly endorse the purchase of MailArchiver without reservation.

    Andrew R. 2021-03-22

    Desired a robust and automated email archiving solution that required minimal intervention, yet ensured swift and efficient searches through archived emails.

    Chose Mail Archiver X as it fulfilled all my requirements without a hefty price tag.

    You've met all my needs exceptionally well.

    No longer concerned about my Apple Mail inbox getting overwhelmed, yet I can easily locate any received emails when necessary by relying on Mail Archiver. Unlike Apple Mail, which has subpar search capabilities and becomes sluggish with tens of thousands of archived emails, I transfer all non-essential emails to Mail Archiver.

    The automatic scheduling of email archiving is particularly valuable.

    victor s. 2021-03-23

    Dealing with numerous unused mailboxes from past projects that I occasionally need to reference.

    Mail Archiver X appeared to be the most suitable option.

    My main concern was accessibility. While I struggled with archiving methods in Apple Mail, resulting in mailbox files still occupying space on my computer and requiring re-importing, Mail Archiver X allows me to access necessary folders within the program effortlessly.

    I'm not certain how, but perhaps improving the visual design could enhance the overall experience, even though the program's functionality mimicking a regular inbox is valuable to me.

    Your exceptional responsiveness and quick email support are highly appreciated.

    Randy S. 2021-03-24

    I needed to relocate my business website and wanted to ensure I didn't lose crucial emails.

    After searching for solutions, Mail Archiver caught my attention due to its clear message and user-friendly website.

    I initially worried about the lack of support, but my experience showed me otherwise. I received the assistance I required, which was minimal, and I'm relieved I opted for Mail Archiver.

    Essentially, I now feel secure knowing that all my data is safely backed up.

    The simplicity of the software is truly remarkable.

    I can't currently think of any specific improvements.

    Paulo L. 2021-04-03

    Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed amidst thousands of emails. Searching for a specific email can be frustrating and fruitless. However, with Mail Archiver, each email is neatly categorized in a logical manner, making it easily accessible.

    I received a solid recommendation for your solution.

    So far, everything is functioning smoothly. The FileMaker file could perhaps benefit from improvement or a tutorial video demonstrating its usage.

    I feel more assured about how emails are handled.

    The organization of the PDF export feature stands out as highly useful.

    Ed P. 2021-04-03

    I maintain large mailboxes for both work and personal accounts, utilizing Outlook as my primary email client. The search function in Outlook proved to be inconsistent and inadequate in delivering complete results for my ongoing and historical projects.

    Given my familiarity with Moth Software and its developer's commitment to customer service and continuous enhancement, I was inclined towards Mail Archiver. A trial confirmed its suitability for my needs.

    Though my experience with Mail Archiver is relatively brief, it has already contributed significantly to streamlining my daily workflow.

    The effectiveness and speed of searching through extensive mailboxes are particularly notable.

    Gorazd G. 2021-04-11

    The fear of losing crucial data due to changes in organizations and email addresses prompted me to seek an optimal backup solution for all my emails, regardless of the address or company.

    After experimenting with numerous available options, Mail Archiver emerged as the superior choice.

    Occasionally, the software experiences some sluggishness, and conducting searches across all mail addresses simultaneously remains challenging. Hopefully, this functionality will be improved in the future.

    Mail Archiver has instilled a greater sense of security in managing my emails.

    The ability to comprehensively archive all emails in their original state.

    Enabling the capability to search across all mail addresses simultaneously would be beneficial.

    I genuinely appreciate Mail Archiver. Keep up the excellent work.

    Mario S. 2021-04-19

    I manage various email addresses for distinct purposes: private, professional, and support-related. Each of these accounts requires upkeep and the ability to consolidate information into an archive. This archival need arises from diverse reasons, including the necessity to retain email information and the importance of having relevant information accessible in case of any future situations. Mail Archiver meets these requirements seamlessly. Although there's always room for improvement, Mail Archiver has adeptly fulfilled my fundamental needs.

    Mail Archiver strikes a well-balanced equilibrium between price and performance. It serves both private and professional contexts effectively.

    Dana T. 2021-04-19

    Being a landlord, I have emails that require permanent retention, such as tax-related correspondence and warranty information. Nonetheless, I don't want these emails clogging up my Apple email account, inflating my storage, and generating excessive search results.

    I explored around 4 or 5 different software options to find a suitable solution.

    Mail Archiver X offers a user experience akin to Apple Mail. I can create folders, organize emails, and conduct comprehensive searches. The learning curve is short, and the setup for importing old emails is also straightforward. This inherent simplicity makes Mail Archiver X an ideal fit for my needs.

    Mail Archiver X's resemblance to Apple Mail makes it extremely accessible. The ability to create folders, sort emails, and search seamlessly simplifies the process. Learning to set up old email imports was also quick. These intuitive features align perfectly with what I require.

    Using Mail Archiver X has reduced the storage space occupied by old emails on my iPhone and iPad. Now, all the archived emails are stored on my iMac.

    Hill D. 2021-04-20

    I needed email archives in a universally accepted format (such as PDF or Text) that didn't require special software to read, along with an archiving solution that was user-friendly.

    Mail Archiver X appeared to be the best fit for my needs and is well-designed.

    I didn't have any significant concerns. Some of the English terms used might be uncommon, but they don't affect the software's usability.

    I'm now confident that I can always find an old email when needed, and the software has come to my aid on multiple occasions. Additionally, my email folders are no longer cluttered with old content, which has improved the overall efficiency of my email application.

    The process of archiving is both easy and fast.

    Please continue your excellent work.

    Mark W. 2021-04-22

    I aimed to have a unified storage and easy access to my email messages from all my accounts.

    Being a TidBits member, I've observed that software developers associated with and advertised on TidBits offer excellent apps with strong support. Mail Archiver X is one of those outstanding apps.

    Mail Archiver X continues to improve and fulfill all my requirements while maintaining speed and efficiency. Moreover, Beatrix's responsiveness to my queries and issues has been exceptional.

    With Mail Archiver X, I'm confident that my email archives are comprehensive and secure, eliminating the need to rely on my ISP or email provider for archiving.

    The software adeptly manages numerous accounts from various providers.

    I'm genuinely content with Mail Archiver X.

    Thank you, Beatrix!

    PK W. 2021-04-28

    Having used another product for a long time, I realized it was outdated due to changes in MAC OS and Apple Mail. I sought a solution with ample features and consistent updates.

    After evaluating multiple products, Mail Archiver emerged as the superior choice. It receives regular updates, boasts strong support, offers excellent search capabilities, and doesn't encounter any archival problems.

    Experiencing peace of mind, knowing my email messages are securely archived.

    Apart from using a trouble-free product, what stands out the most is the exceptional and responsive customer support.

    Although the archiving process occurs in the background, it seems a bit lengthier compared to my previous product (Synchronize Pro).

    Thanks, Beatrix!

    Bruce Z. 2021-04-29

    Handling around 30,000 emails annually and often needing to revisit them prompted me to search for a solution. Storing over 300,000 emails in a mail server or client wasn't feasible.

    I had used MailSteward Pro, but transitioning from Apple Mail to Outlook 365 proved challenging. Hence, I gave Mail Archiver a shot.

    No worries, except the possibility of importing over 300,000 emails and attachments.

    Functions smoothly, regardless of the email client in use.

    Faster performance is always a plus.

    Tarek E. 2021-05-02

    I had been using Email Archiver from www.emailarchiverpdf.com for many years and found it helpful. However, I frequently encountered difficulties in locating older emails. Recently, I stumbled upon Mail Archiver X and decided to try the trial version to assess its suitability.

    After just an hour of testing, I was thoroughly impressed and promptly purchased the full version. Mail Archiver X boasts a clean interface, excellent organization, and intuitive usability. The search function sealed the deal for me as it successfully retrieved every email I sought. Additionally, the scheduling feature simplifies automatic email backup.

    It proved to be the ideal solution for my needs.

    My main apprehension was regarding the search functionality, but I was relieved to find it works splendidly.

    I'm delighted to have a worry-free email backup solution.

    Thank you for providing an exceptional software.

    Thomas N. 2021-05-07

    In the past, I used to individually back up important emails as PDFs. However, there were instances where I overlooked the significance of certain emails, leading to their exclusion from the backup process. Furthermore, organizing the stored PDFs in a structured manner was a tedious task. This prompted me to search for a more efficient solution.

    I previously had a solution that worked well until a macOS update changed its design, which I didn't find appealing anymore. As a home user, many products on the market were too complex and costly for my needs. Fortunately, the standard version of MailArchiverX turned out to be the perfect match for my requirements.

    The information and communication provided by the MailArchiverX team have been excellent and helpful thus far.

    Using MailArchiverX has lifted a burden off my shoulders when it comes to archiving emails. I now have peace of mind knowing that this task is being handled effectively and reliably.

    The feature I appreciate the most is the configurable notification system, which keeps me informed about successful archiving. Additionally, the software's comprehensive search functionality within the database is invaluable for quickly locating specific emails.

    I previously wished for a feature that would allow me to schedule the deletion and retrieval of emails, and I'm delighted that this capability has been fulfilled in version 6.

    I'm thoroughly satisfied with MailArchiverX and its usefulness. My gratitude goes to the team for developing such a practical and beneficial product. Keep up the great work!

    Alexander S. 2021-05-12

    My experience with Apple Mail was marred by its inefficiency with tens of thousands of emails, prompting the need to free up space while retaining accessibility to older messages.

    Mail Archiver X caught my attention due to the consistently positive feedback from users, leading me to give it a try. As expected, it has performed flawlessly so far.

    The responsiveness and helpfulness of customer support during installation and updates have been impressive.

    The primary issue was the unreliability of Apple Mail, ill-suited for handling numerous accounts and a significant volume of emails. I also wanted to avoid using MS Outlook. With Mail Archiver, I can continue using Apple Mail with enhanced reliability by reducing the number of stored emails, while ensuring easy access to older messages.

    The user interface is user-friendly, and it retains the mailbox structure established in Apple Mail.

    It would be a valuable addition if Mail Archiver X could evolve into a complete email application, potentially replacing Apple Mail altogether.

    Simon S. 2021-06-07

    I had no easy method for backing up and archiving emails, particularly with the need to ensure a comprehensive backup before upgrading my computer. After researching options, I chose Mail Archiver X.

    The software appeared to encompass all the necessary features, which led me to my decision. Once purchased, I've come to appreciate Beatrix's approach as the software author, enjoying her unique updates and communications.

    My primary concern was whether the software would indeed deliver on its promises. Fortunately, it has fulfilled all my requirements, providing me with a sense of security through a thorough email archive, which I can then back up.

    Knowing I possess a dependable email backup solution brings me peace of mind.

    The standout feature for me is the ability to remove emails from my current setup while retaining a copy within the archive.

    Although the icons and interface could be considered a bit clunky, I anticipate this could improve with the transition to Big Sur. Incorporating more standard Apple-style icons might enhance the interface's polish. Additionally, exploring the option of breaking down the database into smaller files could address concerns about potential corruption.

    Thank you for offering such an excellent software solution.

    Adrian W. 2021-06-10

    I required a solution to archive emails in their original format to prevent any loss due to server errors, given my past experiences.

    Although I initially purchased other software, my trial of Mail Archiver X revealed that it perfectly fulfilled my needs.

    My primary concern was the software's capability to safely archive a substantial volume of emails. Fortunately, the exceptional developer support put those worries to rest.

    Mail Archiver X provides me with the confidence that my emails are securely archived and retrievable whenever needed.

    The feature I find most valuable is the ability to save emails to PDF. I anticipate using the integration with FileMaker in the near future.

    Continuing to be responsive to customer feedback is a valuable approach (which I know you already follow).

    I greatly appreciate the developer's ability to promptly address concerns and queries. The personal touch in customer service is commendable. Well done!

    John G. 2021-06-10

    I frequently need to include emails as evidence to support legal arguments. Formatting each email to include details like "from," "to," "date," and "subject" used to be time-consuming. With Mail Archiver X, I can now easily find the required email, sorted by name, and convert it to a PDF for printing. This is especially useful for creating hard copies for legal use. Additionally, the ability to quickly select and delete unwanted emails from my Gmail inbox has been invaluable for freeing up storage space.

    I tried the free version, followed the setup instructions, and found that Mail Archiver X met my needs perfectly.

    Although I faced setup challenges initially, I reached out to tech support via email. Within 24 hours, I received a response with clear instructions, which helped me successfully set up the software.

    While I'm still in the process of becoming an expert in all the capabilities, I've learned how to efficiently manage my Gmail inbox using Mail Archiver X.

    The scheduling feature is especially valuable to me, allowing me to automatically archive emails based on a set time and frequency.

    Please add additional guidance in the manual or on platforms like YouTube for setting up the correct username and password would be helpful. I encountered some difficulties in this area and had to put in extra effort to resolve them.

    Thank you for providing a useful tool that has streamlined my email management process.

    Kurt G. 2021-06-13

    I needed a solution to manage my personal email boxes, which were becoming too full and difficult to search through. I wanted to be able to look back at old purchases and emails without the inefficiencies of manual deletion and local storage.

    Having been a long-time user of realBasic and Xojo, I came across Moth Software's write-up on a programming site. I decided to give Mail Archiver X a try and found it to be easy to use and equipped with the functions I required. While I did explore other options, I found Mail Archiver X to be more cost-effective and efficient.

    My primary concern was avoiding the loss of important emails, but I have not encountered any such issues with Mail Archiver X.

    The ability to archive emails from various programs without creating duplicates has been a great feature.

    Thank you for providing a reliable and efficient solution for managing my email archives.

    Josep M. 2021-06-28

    I receive a significant amount of mail, and my mailboxes are becoming increasingly cluttered. Given the nature of my work, I need to retain messages even if I decide to delete them at some point. It was crucial for me to find an effective way to archive them externally from my mailbox.

    After trying various solutions, Mail Archiver stood out as the best option with an excellent price-quality ratio.

    The customer support has been exceptional, being both responsive and knowledgeable.

    Using Mail Archiver has reduced my stress levels, as I now have years of correspondence readily accessible. My mail client's performance has improved, and my emails are no longer occupying excessive space on my computers.

    What I find particularly valuable is the software's user-friendly interface and the flexibility it offers. Not being locked into a proprietary format is significant. Mail Archiver can export to various database formats and other standard email formats.

    While I haven't encountered any major issues, optimizing performance to enhance speed might be a potential consideration.

    I have no specific suggestions at the moment. I'm genuinely appreciative of the excellent support provided.

    Thank you for your exceptional assistance and the remarkable product you've developed.

    Pino S. 2021-07-04

    I was seeking a solution that would provide me with the flexibility to archive emails while also enabling me to access them even after they were deleted from the server.

    Your question is pertinent. As a home user, I was in search of a cost-effective solution that could still fulfill my requirements for email archiving and browsing. I happened to come across an offer that combined both aspects. A bit of luck certainly didn't hurt either. Of course, I thoroughly reviewed the features of your software and had no doubts about its suitability.

    I anticipate that any concerns will likely dissipate with practical use of the program. At the moment, I've encountered some challenges in archiving certain IMAP folders. I'm not entirely certain whether I've configured the program options correctly. If necessary, I won't hesitate to reach out to the support team for assistance.

    The scheduling feature for local email archiving has lightened my load significantly. The peace of mind that comes with knowing I can retrieve my emails is truly invaluable. Thank you for that.

    For improvement, a more user-friendly interface in general, and particularly for the section related to reading emails offline, would be beneficial.

    Gregg V. 2021-07-04

    I had been searching for a mail archiving program that could maintain my folder structure, support progressive archiving, and handle my extensive collection of 1247 folders and 56 GB of emails. Despite years of attempts, I hadn't found a solution that met my needs.

    Over the years, I purchased several different options, but they all fell short. I had almost given up hope. Then, I came across an offer for Mail Archiver as part of a software package. I decided to give it a shot, and it turned out to be the standout component of the package.

    My initial concerns included:

    Would it actually work? It did, flawlessly. Could it preserve my folder hierarchy? It did. Would it be capable of handling the vast volume of my mailboxes and emails? It surpassed my expectations. Would its search functionality be as good as that of my email client? It far exceeded my email client in terms of ease of use, features, and speed. Mail Archiver allowed me to significantly reduce the size of my IMAP email storage from 60 GB to 10 GB, while also simplifying my email management.

    The ability to archive emails by folder and its capacity to handle a large volume of emails were key highlights for me.

    I believe you are already doing a great job. One enhancement I'd suggest is the ability to keep duplicates in different folders while avoiding the creation of duplicates within the same folder during multiple archiving sessions.

    So far, I've found everything I need in the software, including helpful videos under the "Help" section.

    I did come across a minor suggestion: Adding an option to right-click on the trash can to provide the choice to empty it would be convenient.

    Will S. 2021-07-08

    Upon my recent retirement, I found myself faced with the task of organizing and making sense of a substantial corporate email account, ensuring a smooth transition for my successor.

    After experimenting with various email archive tools available, I stumbled upon Mail Archiver while seeking a more effective solution.

    I was highly impressed by the professionalism and extensive customization options that Mail Archiver offers. These features enabled me to create a clean and organized email database that I could seamlessly hand over.

    One particular aspect that stands out to me is the ongoing archiving function, which operates smoothly in the background, ensuring continuous maintenance.

    The interface of Mail Archiver is notably customizable, resembling that of my preferred email browser. This adaptability, along with the capability to edit archived content, is immensely valuable.

    As of now, I have not identified any shortcomings or objections to Mail Archiver.

    If I encounter any weaknesses or concerns, I will certainly provide feedback.

    Klaus B. 2021-07-09

    I was in search of a secure archival solution capable of storing thousands of emails each year over extended periods. My aim was to maintain the ability to quickly retrieve old emails using the Mac's Spotlight feature, even after many years. I prefer using the PDF format for this purpose. Additionally, having an archived database of emails is a valuable extra feature.

    Having used previous versions of Mail Archiver X for a considerable amount of time, I recently acquired the latest version as part of a software bundle. To my knowledge, there aren't many user-friendly alternatives for email archival, except for options like converting emails to HTML, which I used many years ago.

    I'm content with the current state of Mail Archiver, and the fact that it's being optimized for the Apple M1 processor is a significant added benefit. This optimization has notably increased the speed of archival, making it much faster. With nearly 15,000 emails in my archive, the weekly updates now take less than 2 minutes.

    The capability to archive emails in PDF format is a standout feature for me.

    In terms of improvements, I would appreciate the option to combine archive plans. Currently, I have one plan for weekly updates to the database and another plan for writing emails in PDF format to a separate location. To execute both tasks, I need to disable one plan and enable the other, which results in running the archival process twice. Combining these tasks into a single process would save me some clicks and a few minutes.

    While not of utmost importance, having a built-in tool to create a custom header for archived emails would be a nice addition to the software.

    Serge T. 2021-07-13

    I found myself overwhelmed by a significant number of emails that were accumulating in my inbox, many of which were not immediately urgent.

    Although I'm already utilizing another email archiving software that performs its task seamlessly, the resulting archive occupies a substantial amount of disk space. In contrast, MailArchiver X provides me with the ability to archive all of my emails while consuming significantly less disk space.

    Since I've only recently started using MailArchiver X, it's difficult for me to form an extensive opinion about its impact. However, I have observed one aspect worth noting. When searching for an email that resides within a sub-folder, I've noticed that the sub-folder must be specifically selected in order to initiate the search. I find it somewhat surprising that the search cannot be initiated from the parent folder, which would streamline the process.

    Peter G. 2021-07-27

    My primary requirement was to find a solution that could efficiently batch convert emails into PDF format, organized by sender and named with date and time. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mail Archiver not only fulfilled this need but also offered a wide array of additional features.

    The comprehensive set of features that Mail Archiver boasts was the driving factor behind my decision to purchase it.

    As with any software, one can never truly gauge its performance until actually using it. Thus far, I have successfully utilized Mail Archiver to accomplish my intended tasks.

    I derive a sense of satisfaction from knowing that Mail Archiver has streamlined my workflow, saving me valuable time compared to the methods I previously employed.

    During my recent experience, I found a particularly useful feature: the ability to search for attachments by name. This capability proved highly advantageous and is likely to continue aiding me in the future.

    In terms of improvements, I would appreciate an option when exporting emails along with their attachments. It would be valuable to generate both a PDF of the email and a separate directory, possibly bearing a similar name, containing all corresponding attachments. This arrangement would facilitate easier navigation through both the emails and their attachments, all within a single directory.

    Jonathan G. 2021-08-03

    I was faced with the challenge of managing multiple email accounts, each with numerous mailboxes spanning over two decades. It had become impractical to store such a massive mail file on modern devices with limited SSD storage. My goal was to find a reliable backup solution that not only supported PDF archiving but also offered an alternative format for future-proofing.

    Mail Archiver emerged as the perfect solution for my needs, providing the flexibility to archive emails from multiple devices. This was especially valuable as I relied on an aging iMac as my primary repository, which ran an outdated version of Mail. The software's ability to meet these requirements was a key factor in my decision.

    The long-term and transparent licensing terms, along with the consistent and prompt software updates, have been truly commendable.

    Thanks to Mail Archiver, I can rest easy knowing that my emails are backed up securely and efficiently.

    The software's automated features and the ability to schedule archiving during non-busy hours have proven to be immensely valuable. The reporting feature after each archive has also contributed to a seamless experience.

    While the software performs well, it would be beneficial if it could expedite the scanning of existing emails by focusing on processing only new ones. In cases involving large archives, the scanning process can be time-consuming, although this could potentially be improved with version 6.1 (AMD).

    Mail Archiver is an excellent tool from a seemingly smaller developer that excels in providing personalized attention when assistance is needed. This level of support and functionality is truly remarkable.

    Myron G. 2021-09-03

    I had accumulated a substantial number of emails organized across various mailboxes. While some emails were expendable, I desired to retain others in a secure yet easily accessible format. Mail Archiver X proved to be the solution that allowed me to archive specific mailboxes, such as those containing emails from my sister and favorite students. Although Apple Mail offered a similar feature, its implementation was less intuitive, and accessing archived emails was cumbersome. In contrast, Mail Archiver X established an external database while leaving Mail untouched. This meant that accessing an email I had sent a decade ago required only opening the relevant archive file in MA-X, and all the content was readily available.

    During my evaluation, I tested several options, but none were as straightforward as MA-X. As previously mentioned, Mail Archiver X simplifies the creation of easily readable archives from selected mailboxes, all while preserving the original state of the Mail application. The process involves no complexity, complications, or anxious concerns about the potential loss of crucial emails.

    In summary, Mail Archiver X offers simplicity, reliability, and the preservation of original emails. This reassures users that their emails won't vanish if there are any processing mishaps. It meets all these criteria.

    Moreover, I no longer need to create multiple duplicates of the entire Mail system solely to ensure I don't discard emails that I might need in the future.

    The feature that particularly stands out to me is the ability to do one-click archiving, which streamlines the process even further.

    Bruce H. 2021-09-22

    I was in search of an archiving solution that could efficiently store my emails, making them easily searchable and retrievable. It was important to me that the archiver had a logical and user-friendly interface, allowing for straightforward management of my extensive email collection.

    Mail Archiver X proved to be the ideal choice due to its intuitive design, logical functionality, reliability, and ease of management. The rare instances when I required support were met with exceptional assistance.

    During my evaluation, I found no concerns or issues that would deter me from choosing Mail Archiver X.

    One of the greatest advantages I've experienced is the ability to swiftly retrieve emails from years past using just a few keywords in the search function. In the past, even though my emails were backed up in .mbox files, finding them was often a challenge, and when they were located, it was a time-consuming process.

    The simplicity of archiving old emails stands out as a notable feature. The accuracy of the Mail search function is faultless.


    Graham O. 2021-12-03

    I needed an archiving solution for multiple accounts that was definitely NOT technical and complicated to set up and use.

    I actually tried Mail Archiver a few years ago and could not get to grips with it - constant crashes and not able to get it to do what I wanted from such an app. So I went elsewhere but kept a watchful eye on mail Arcihiver. My current provider was ok not totally simple and recently has not measured up to my expectations. Mail Archiver continues to get "mostly" good reviews so I thought I would try again. Not being a "techie" I struggle with the logic of some apps. Same thing with Mail Archiver and sometimes the translations don't quite work - you can't really beat a respectful idiot guide - whatever the experts say. But this time round I persisted and probably more importantly took note of apps recommendations. I have only been using the app for a short while but it seems to be doing what I want it to do and you can't ask for a lot more.

    With my previous app you weren't totally confident of finding what you were looking for if needed. With Mail Archiver once you get it set up how you want you definitely feel more confident of finding what you are looking for.

    I understand that if you are a small developer that often the most valuable resource is time - in my field I am a "one man band" - I note you offer paid level of support - not convinced about that. Also the manual does not really cover every different eventuality for every different user - I accept that this is quite normal.

    Harald K. 2021-12-16

    Over time email gets slow when your folders get too big. I was looking for a solution to archive old email, allowing me to keep my mail folders lean. Having checked out various native solutions for MacOS, I ended up MailArchiverX as the best fit for me.

    I installed the test version for MailArchiverX. Key reasons for signing up for product were: - the developer is very active pushing out fixes and new functionality - the product supports all mail environments I use - the developer is very responsive on ideas, questions and and issues

    Not so much a concern rather than a general remark. The whole user interface looks very much stuck in the 1990'ies. A complete overhaul with something a lot more modern looking would probably be more appealing to new buyers. The visual appearance of the product is a bit of a let-down, compared to the solid technical functionality. First impression are important and my first impression of the product was that looked very dated.

    Jacques-François M. 2021-12-26

    Over the last 25 years, I have sent and received tens of thousands of emails, as an association leader, teacher, futurist, researcher, consultant, via a dozen mailboxes and by changing mail clients, between Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Mail Archiver appeared to me as the right solution to keep my archives accessible and in good condition, and to lighten my active mailboxes. I can free my attention by preserving a history that I often need.

    Mail Archiver allows me to archive locally, without reliance on cloud providers, and a variety of formats that make my messages usable in many ways.

    I was worried that the database would be very slow, but so far it's been fine

    I was able to reopen old mbox archives without having to integrate them in a mail client

  • Older Testimonials

    Eric Vlietnick:

    Years ago, I reviewed Mail Archiver X for IT Enquirer, an IT publication on the web. I ranked it as a good archiving solution, but didn't really need one myself. Fast forward, I am now handling a lot more tasks simultaneously -- writing reviews and other journalistic articles, caring for a dementing mother, etc -- with the associated increase in stress levels. I therefore make more mistakes and a few days ago I accidentally deleted three IMAP folders from within Apple Mail. Everything was lost; the general backups I had were not very helpful in that some messages had lost their content for some reason. And that's when I started thinking about a dedicated mail archival solution.

    I bought Mail Archiver because I knew it's good. It's not blazingly fast, but it has a complete feature set and -- most important of all -- it allows me to convert messages to PDFs, which sort of carves the content in stone.

    You directly download from the IMAP server, which at the moment of trying your app contained the restored folders with over 8000 messages inside. Your database allows me to keep the messages in a readable and mail-alike interface, while also delivering the ability to convert to PDF.

    David N.:

    I am often disconnected from the internet but still need access to past emails for my business. I tried several archive solutions before settling on MailArchiverX as the most full featured, easy-to-use and best set-and-forget software. In addition, the developer is extremely responsive to questions or problems, offering concrete solutions. The software is also updated with bug fixes and user-requested features at least twice a year. The price is very reasonable for a reliable and powerful email archiver.

    Andy S.:

    I was looking for an easy to use program for e-mail archiving in .pdf format! I used the Email Archiver, later the Email Archiver Pro and Horcrux Email Backup. All of them worked for a while, or didn't have a .pdf and then I found Mail Archiver X this software contained all my wishes and also a clear and concise design and what is equally important my call for help was answered immediately even on a Saturday. This program is a must have, now I have all my mails safely in an archive and every year the file is moved out.

    David C.:

    I used to use Mail Archiver Pro but was having more trouble with that app as Brad Pitt had with Jolie - so looked for a new one , first on the App Store - and found Mail Archiver X - and said those words that Caesar said "I came , I saw , I conquered, I said” - I found , I saw and bought it within 30 minutes of using the trial version.

    Matthias K.:

    My computer is relatively old. I am a frellancer and need to save my emails, i was wondering what would happen when my old computer doesn´t work anymore. So i wanted to save my data.

    I tested mail steward also. But Mail Archiver seems to have a nice user interface. I have so many emails and a nice, clear interface is very important.


    I had accumulated years of "Archive mailboxes" in Mail.app, switched Macs, but not transfering the archives. So I had never the Mac storing the archived mails available when I needed to research old mails.

    The archive solution in Mail becomes cumbersome with tens of thousands of archived mails. the other solutions I came across did not please me.

    Bernhard C.:

    In my own company we had used tape backups, but I wanted something simpler and easier to access when I went solo. In the past we had lost track of a few critical mails, so I didn't want that to happen again.

    Mail Archiver was reasonably priced and nicely tailored to my needs, using a Mac. The setup is straightforward and quick, easier to use than the competition.

    Main worry is how secure my backups are. No problem. Earlier versions were slow as the archives got larger and when splitting the archives it was easy to lose track of particular mails. The later versions are faster and cope with one large archive.

    I like Beatrix' quick responses to my issues, plus her clear desire to get even better.


    I had several email accounts, some business with the requirement to maintain proper archives. MacOS Mail sometimes was a bit buggy, stuttered and gave me an insecure feeling.

    I looked for a good solution and tried out a couple options. Mail Archiver appeared stable (but I was just able to test for 10 days) and nicely indexed and searchable. For me this was the most convenient within the requirements I was looking for.

    It gives me more confidence to clean up mailboxes, as the archive is there and searchable. I don't have to worry about it anymore.

    The layout is good and it has what I need. It runs in the background and you can schedule it. Also helpful are the trainings emails, explaining how to use the app. and what to select.

    Harvey L.:

    Back-ups took a long time with my previous software, and its interface and searching were sub-standard.

    I tried Mail Archiver on a trial basis and learned the I could get very efficient updating of my backups by specifying that Mail Archiver only archive messages newer than 7 days. That works like a charm. Also, the Mail Archiver mailbox window is beautiful and functional. Another thing that sold me is that Mail Archiver is well documented and includes with a trial subscription a 7-day "miniclass" to teach the intricacies of Mail Archiver.

    I had some technical questions and contacted the company. Beatrix Willius answered within one day and was extremely helpful.

    Edgar S.:

    My mail box was so full that it started to bug. So I needed to empty it but find a way to conserve an archive (legal issues).

    After studying all possibilities, I opted for Mail Archiver as it seamed the best solution for me.

    It was a little hard to take in hand (am not a computer specialist) but once I found my way in, it perfectly served my needs.

    It helped my computer to run smoother once my mail box opened. It permitted me to import old mails and organise them well.

    There is no specific feature I like better, as I like all features... Maybe I could say that the support team is cool and efficient (not like others), so it is what I like the most.

    Hadi D.:

    My main reason for Mail Archiver was the super slow response on Mail using IMAP and 5 mailboxes some with over 30k messages.

    I had used self-archiving before, but it is clunky and finding older emails is very difficult. Mail Archiver allows me to browse archived emails quickly and has vastly speeded up the performance of my mail client.

    Chris W.:

    I had a huge archive of emails, both work and personal, that I knew needed attention, but the sheer size of the task was overwhelming.

    MA was the first and only archiver I tried, and it worked well, so I stayed with it.

    MA has relieved my anxiety about all those stashed emails. It works quietly in the background, needing little attention.

    Derek W.:

    I was always worrying about losing email and a few years back I investigated multiple options. After trying a few tools, I decided Mail Archiver was by far the best and easiest solution to safely back up all my email and let me clean the database but still have easy access to mail archived. Along with general Mac backups, it allows me to slim my Mail database but allow fast searching through the archive if need be.

    Michael N.:

    Mail for Macintosh OS-Catalina has a bug which sometimes looses email messages when transferring emails between folders. Mail Archiever appears to create a retrievable bakup or archieve of my important emails.

    Mail Archiever easily keeps mail box folder hierarchy in Mail intact and retrievable. I was concernced about recording duplicates and also concerned on database stability and retrievability. Mail Archiever, after 1 week of use making when weekly archieve, appears to perform as expected. I am using it with Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 Mail. When I upgrade to Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, I will have a useful backup of my emails, should the Mail in OS 10.15 corrupt my Mail database. I am thus far very satisfied with Mail Archiever. It performs as expected. Such performance gives me confidence.

    Oliver S.:

    I had a computer crash and lost some of my application licences. Luckily I had a backup but to find the right email was a task and a half. I had another archiving application for years but I had some issues with the app and contacted support. After receiving an initial email stating that they would look into the issue, things went quiet and I never heard back. I looked for another solution and came across Mail Archiver X. I used the trial version but had issues with the app as it didn't finish the process. Using the support and crash reporting tools, Beatrix responded very quickly and eventually solved the issue. Once the issue was solved I happily paid for the full version.

    Don C.:

    We have over 20 years of business emails, mostly POP, that we wanted to archive. Over the years we have found the Apple Mail client to be very clumsy when files get too large, so offloading to a capable archive program is important. I also intend to do a once a week archive of current IMAP emails with Mail Archive X. Impressive variety of output. No sense having mail in mbox archives if you cannot open them and read them! The reviews that mentioned the responsiveness of the programmer Beatrix were very important. Every question or concern was answered, sometimes within minutes.

    David in Canada:

    I needed to free up disk space so the Mac Mail program would run quicker. Mail Archiver was recommended by a trusted source. Also, Moth Software has an excellent reputation for customer service. I have been very impressed with the quick and helpful responses from Beatrix at Moth Software. Was the price worth it? Absolutely, I found out from benefiting from this product. The greatest benefit is the peace of mind that my business email is being "backed up" into a searchable and readable archive.

    Sam C.:

    My email goes all the way back to 1994. I've manually archived email from UNIX, Eudora, many version of Outlook, Apple Mail, Google, and various work servers. It's very complicated and takes a lot of effort to keep up and move from one computer to the next. Searching it is essentially impossible! Mail Archiver X is the only reasonable solution on the Mac to do what I wanted to do.

    Now I have 280,000 emails in one searchable database, and it's being kept up to date monthly. I can both access all my emails, and I can back them up easily. All the email in one place, searchable, and exportable.

    Gordon C.:

    20 Years of emails and my provided decided to impose a storage limit on our IMAP accounts. I had to find a way of storing 16Gb emails quickly. Looked on the internet and Mail Archiver X came up as the obvious front runner.
    I trialed Mail Archiver X and found it simple to use and perfect for my needs. My only concern was ever going to be the price. I could have sorted a manual solution but it wouldn't have been nearly as comforting as the Mail Archiver X solution. The price is very good. I feel secure that my emails are back-up and easily available. It's a good feeling.

    John P.:

    My need for archive solution was driven by large mail database, need to retrieve specific emails efficiently and requirement to make available retrieved emails to third parties in either mbox or pdf format. Solution search was dependent on meeting these three goals in a cost-effective manner. Mail Archiver X is my fifth archive solution. I purchased it because it's code is solid, it's multi-pane user window (email browser) is familiar and intuitive, its search/filter function is robust, its scheduling function is seamless, it is easy to export all or selected emails efficiently in mbox or pdf formats and its price is reasonable. I am now relieved that email archiving happens automatically and I no longer have to spend unnecessary time and effort and aggravation finding and using or sending specific emails or groups of emails to accomplish tasks as before.


    I need to archive and delete emails from my G-Suite (Google) Account.

    (Mail Archiver is) very simply, elegantly, and reliably connected to my Gmail account, and, in one step, archived all labels I specified and deleted those labels (including the emails with those labels) from my Gmail account. All other solutions I considered required that the emails and labels be manually deleted. In addition, MailArchiver will restore any emails that were previously archived and preserve all labels and metadata.

    I was concerned about restoring emails and preserving the labels and other attributes. Those concerns were addressed immediately.

    (Mail Archiver) will allow me to reduce the size of my Gmail mailbox considerably while having a reliable archive in the event I ever need the old, archived emails.

    (I like that Mail Archiver can) Archive and delete in one step.

    The program is excellent and the developer, Beatrix Willius, is incredibly quick to respond to questions and help to resolve issues. I highly recommend it.


    A significant part of what I'm doing is reflected in the content of my emails. I have different email accounts for different businesses and activities. Therefore, the likelihood of having a loss and the bad implications of such loss was higher and higher as time went by. Then I started to find proper backup tools not to have all eggs in the same basket.

    (I bought Mail Archiver because it is) Reliable, lots of effort to stay up to date, reasonable price, and this intangible feeling related with better peace of mind.

    I have been a user of Mail Archiver since almost inception. Plenty of little things have been solved along the way (speed, disk memory, searching tools, attachment management, etc.).

    Probably the best summary is to have better peace of mind.

    Simon W.:

    I initially wanted a backup in-case of issues when upgrading my computer's OS.

    (Mail Archiver) seemed the easiest to use and I liked the idea of having a full incremental backup / archive that contained all my emails. So I could delete emails from my main Mail App safe in the knowledge that if the poo ever hit the fan, I could always look in the archive for an email.

    The initial set-up was explained OK by the emails I received as part of the purchase process and so far everything has worked as advertised.

    I am happier now that I know my emails are backed up and archived.

    I love the personal nature of the emails and communications about updates etc. Other people might not like the chatty style or the opinions of the author, but I like the individuality!

    Christopher F.:

    I receive lots of email from multiple account; keeping it organized was a becoming a significant issue. Mail Archiver X has been the easiest and most efficient solution I've found.

    Nothing else fit my needs as efficiently, and did its job and did it well!

    I do appreciate how frequently you update and address specific issues when Apple Mail and Outlook make changes to their software, so please keep that up.

    (Mail Archive allows me to keep) track of email without overloading my mailbox much simpler and efficient.

    Keep up the good work and best wishes, too!

    Mark H.:

    I Receive 100s of email a day and needed a way to save them for sorting and for finding important emails so that I could keep my inbox clean knowing everything was saved.

    I've used Mail Archiver for years. i try to buy a new version every few years just to support Beatrice and her remarkable commitment to keeping M.A.X fresh and bug free. No other archiver is a functional and affordable and user friendly!

    I was worried that I wouldn't be able to Truly find my emails and attachments and both are always there when I need them!

    Now I can erase my old emails with confidence knowing they are saved and can make room for new emails. I have found receipts from years ago that my friends couldn't find and actually won many a dispute because of that. I love the confidence I feel using it.

    The attachments are intact. Love that.

    Everything I've wanted it to do, it does!

    Kevin L.:

    When Google changed their permission structure, I needed a replacement for CloudPull.

    Reviews for Mail Archiver were better than for competitors. More importantly, during the trial period before I bought the software I had problems with Mail Archiver that were addressed rapidly by you. Your level of support, even to a trial user, convinced me Mail Archiver was the way to go, so I was happy to purchase a license.

    Peter M.:

    I kept losing my e-mail archives again and again and was missing the possibility to archive them from my Windows and Mac systems.
    I'm relieved that I will never again lose my mail archives.

    I am very pleased and impressed by the care with which Beatrix updates Mail Archiver and keeps in touch with her customers.

    Glenn H.:

    I decided to switch from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail as my email software and that made me realise that I may not be able to retrieve old emails if they were in a format that was incompatible with my email software.

    Mail Archiver looked easy to use and saved emails in PDF format that is pretty much universal and should be accessible for many years.

    There have been a few glitches with updates, but these were quickly resolved after sending an error report.

    Mail Archiver gives me comfort in knowing that I can access my archived emails at any time and read them independently of Apple Mail. I can confidently clean out emails from Apple Mail which makes it less cluttered and operate more efficiently.

    The biggest benefit is that structure of my folders is retained so there is that familiarity when I have to access emails in Mail Archiver.

    Andre U.:

    As an attorney I need to preserve client email and be able to retrieve them when necessary. Mail Archiver lets me save email in one master file and not have them stacking up in my email client program.

    Program is reasonably priced, easy to use, works with my email client (Postbox) and works with my iMac computer.

    Once I started using the program I didn't worry anymore about backing up my email. Daily backup became a habit at the end of the work day.

    I am able to search emails and copy it off in different formats.

    I liked the program so much that I recommended it to my wife for her business and it paid off when we had to access several years of old email for a client.


    My Apple Mail had too many messages, slowing down Mail atrociously. By archiving old emails I needed to keep, Mail speeded up. Now I save important old emails to Mail Archiver X.

    I tried two other programs. The user interface was awful. Didn't look like a mail program, with folders on the left, then message list, then a message. Mail Archiver looks like and acts like a mail program. Very easy to learn, search and find what I need.

    A couple of years ago, Mail Archiver was slow when I tried to re-size columns in the middle pane (the list of messages). This has been fixed. Happy camper.

    I can now keep old emails relating to business. I can have multiple databases, like one for a rental I own, second for jewlery making, etc. Makes each database smaller, easier to search and handle.

    I like searching, printing, printing attachments. I've even printed out all emails in a database, and the result was individual pdf files, organized by folders! Excellent!

    JD T.:

    I wanted to be able to archive and search thru past emails, and to do it effortlessly. I don't need to go back to them very often, but when I do, having them archived and searchable is a big plus.

    I had tried Email Archiver but it didn't work all that well, so I started seeking out alternative when I found Mail Archiver X.

    Overall the program has simply worked, and did so in the background, overnight, so I don't really think about it all that much. And I get the usual email in the morning that just lets me know everything worked.

    What I like most with the latest release, SPEED!!!! In the past, backup would take 2-3 hours which is why I have it scheduled overnight so it doesn't get in my way. It also seemed to have use quite a bit of system resources, making using the Mac simultaneously a bit of a pain because of the slowdown.


    I need to keep a record of emails that I've received--some going back more than 10+ years. When the software I'd used previously was no longer being updated and became incompatible with macOS I started using Mail Archiver.

    Mail Archiver had the features I wanted and it wasn't difficult getting my old email archives back into my email software and then having Mail Archiver back them up again for storage. Given the number of emails, this was a pain to do, but more importantly, it was doable.

    I like Mail Archiver, use it regularly and without problems.

    Overall performance and speed getting the the job done are most important to me. The other thing I appreciate is that Mail Archiver has not become subscription software--other than incompatibility, this is probably the only thing that would lose me as a customer at this point.

    Eric F.:

    I had to save each email in a manual approach, sending everything to PDF. This was a long process which I wasn't always doing.

    I found Mail Archiver while searching on the Internet. To me, it was an excellent solution that was affordable and easy to use.

    Mail Archiver is so simple to use. My work emails are now archived with very little effort. I often consult those archived emails which is also very easy.

    Frank T.:

    I lost some addresses and mailboxes because of several reasons the year before. Additionally my mail app was getting too large and some IMAP mailboxes reached their limitations. On the other hand I would need many of the conversations with my clients in future. So I was looking for a database to archive all important mails.

    Mail Archiver suited me best. I found no comparable app for Mac OS.

    I like searching for old mails is as easy as wanted. I am very happy that Mail Archiver speeds up searching for old conversations and is automatically storing my mails according to my needs. What is also great is the fast search in all archived mailboxes simultaneously.

    Jose U.:

    I had accumulated of so many years of emails... I kept them in Mbox but the Apple Mail client had it saturated with many thousands of emails. Constant backups just in case.

    I once bought a MailSteward license (I think that was the name). I was testing them at the same time and decided on Mail Archiver X. I saw it more solid.

    I'm always afraid of changes in versions of the operating system or Mail Arch. Sometimes I think I would have to improve the hardware where Mail Archiver is installed (low iMac 2017).

    I feel so much calmer ... before they were constant backups.

    I like the option of various file formats. The option to export to a universal format, mbox.

    Hans-J. B.:

    I needed to archive emails from several accounts, easy to search, and the possibility of exporting and re-importing to original if and when needed.

    Tried several other apps, but Mail Archiver was by far the best and for my needs, and easy to use too. Possibility to export in a standard format for transfer/import if needed was a major concern, and you sure did deliver.

    I managed to trim down my email clients and speed them up, while still having all the old stuff archived and available. It also provided me with an extra backup, independent of my email client and my email providers.

    So easy to configure and use! And the facelift of the GUI over time has been great.

    Testimonials from 2018

    Christian D.:

    Exceeding > 6.000 or 7.000 mails in all the mailboxes, performance and stability of the genuine Apple-Mail-Client went really poor (back in 2015). I didn't want to use a different Client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.). So i did some research on how to fix this. Mail Archiver X got a couple of promising reviews and (most important) turned out to fit my needs best.

    I started using Mail Archiver X running with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Also worked fine with 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra) and 10.13 (HighSierra). With 10.14 (Mojave) i encountered the Problem, that every time i Startes Mail Archiver, it reported that it didn't quit regularly last session, and so did a consistency-check of the database.

    I reported this to to the Developer (Moth Software, Mrs. Willius) and within two weeks, Mrs Willius provided two modified Versions of the Application to me, the second one fixed the issue! I experienced great commitment and an outstanding Support! Thanks for that! Mail Archiver does, what i expected: I archive all my old (> 2years) mails and have them accessible in a good UI whenever i need! Mail-Client performs perfectly again!


    I used mailstore for windows before on a VM and searched for a MacOS solution. I tested several solutions and Mail Archiver was the best. It is easy to archive with just one click once it is set.

    Michael B.:

    I kept my archive of old emails in my mail programme, but the archive became too big and heavy, so it slowed down my mail programme.

    Mail Archiver does not automatically convert the mails into pdf, like other programmes. That gives me the flexibility to import the mails back into the mail programme if needed, without losing the option to convert the mail into pdf.

    My main concern is that all emails are filed into one big file, which becomes extreme big. My file is now 40+ Gb! I am of course afraid that in case something happens to this one file, that I will loose all my archived mails. However until now I have not faced any problems.

    It is nice to have speeded up my mail programme, which I use daily, and at the same time have easy access to my whole history of mails. I makes me feel efficient and safe.

    Leo D.:

    I could not find a solution that was focused on the small business owner. Mail Archiver filled that need. I really wanted a simple program not a monthly subscription as is often the case for institutional solutions. I wanted to have all emails converted into PDF for storage. Mail Archiver was able to meet this need perfectly.

    Matthew S.:

    I work with a woman who gets tons of email but never deletes any of it. She would call me complaining either of slow performance in Mail or warnings that she had no more storage space available on the server. I would have to manually move thousands of old emails into a local archive folder in Mail and then delete them off the server. A month or 2 later, she'd call again. I had to find a way to automatically archive and delete messages for her.

    I tried to use Mail rules, but they only act on incoming messages. I wrote an automator/applescript solution but new versions of Mac OS would cause it to stop working, or the calendar event would get deleted, which stopped the automator script from running. Other off-the-shelf mail archiving solutions would archive messages, but not delete them, which didn't solve the problem.

    Not having to worry about getting calls about the email server being full has reduced my stress level.

    Markus L.:

    The problem was migration to a new Mac and we searched for a solution where we have full access to the all the mails (about 60000!) from the old machine without having migrate them as deadweight to the new machine. Being able to "start clean and from scratch" with Mail on the new machine while having access to all the old mails with all their original properties on the same machine at the same time was what we wanted to achieve...

    Mail Archiver is exactly the solution we were looking for and it's solving our task in a reliable and efficient way.

    We had some small questions that have been answered quickly - as both located in Germany we had a quick phone call and we immediately started the trial which worked just fine from first start.

    Martin P.:

    I like to have everything in one place, including all my e-mails. For me, that place is a custom FileMaker database that I can easily move to another Mac (or two). Ironically, there’s no easy/built-in way to transfer e-mails from Apple Mail to Apple’s own FileMaker. Mail Archiver X to the rescue!

    I had used another application for the same purpose, but it stopped worked after the latest macOS release, and support wasn’t great to start with. Moth Software has always been helpful with issues big and small, so my money was well-invested.

    It’s odd that a third-party tool is required to bridge two Apple products (Apple Mail and FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary) – but if it’s required, I rather have a full-blown, well-built application than a rough AppleScript. Mail Archiver X delivers.

    Like a good product should, Mail Archiver X Just Works™. After initial configuration, it’ll copy all selected e-mails to a FileMaker database.

    Bruce H.:

    I needed a way to archive old emails in a way that got them out of my mail client, but so that they remained easy to access if needed.

    MAX is automatic and reliable. I don’t like the alternative of exporting emails and importing them again... it’s messy and not reliable.

    Courtney H., Washington, DC, USA

    I like computer software to do exactly what I want without fuss or bother. Mail Archiver X is that kind of software. Every few months I archive my emails from Apple Mail into Mail Archiver X, and there is never any problem. The instructions are clear and the procedure is trouble-free. Mail Archiver X organizes my emails, year by year, in the same way as they are organized in Apple Mail, so I can find everything I need to. The price is reasonable. This software is so uncomplicated that I have not needed much help, but when help is needed Beatrix has been very responsive.

    My only suggestion is that the buttons “Archive!” and “Archive Mbox” (v. 4.2) are a bit confusing. It might be better to have a single “Archive” button that opens a dialog box that presents the archiving options.