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What comes after Mail Archiver 5.2?

Now that Mail Archiver 5.2 is almost done we are going to have a look at what comes next.

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The AppleMail data folder

Today we are going to have a look at the folder where AppleMail keeps it's data. When we are going to troubleshoot problems with AppleMail I may tell you to delete some files. Therefore, it's a good idea how to find the files and to know what the files are for.

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Save the planet - archive your emails with Mail Archiver

An Australian journalist feels email shamed because her emails have a carbon footprint. Unfortunately, it's not clear how the numbers were calculated. Anyways, having your emails locally avoids storing them in large data centers.

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How to permently unhide the user Library folder?

Usually, troubleshooting involves accessing the user Library folder. There is a top level Library folder and a top level System/Library folder. Both are visible. But both are folders that you really don't need to access most of the time. Unfortunately, the user Library folder is only sort-of visible.

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How to rebuild your Outlook 2016 database

Entourage and and it's successor Outlook use a database to store or access emails. Up to the 2013 version the databases were prone to corruption. Since the 2016 version the problem has become much better. But where there is a database there is a corruption.

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How to use application-specific passwords for iCloud

In the last article I showed you how to enter your settings for iCloud if you want to archive from IMAP. The IMAP server and the username are easy to find out. But you need to create an app-specific password only for Mail Archiver.

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