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Archiving from iCloud

If you want to archive iCloud emails directly in Mail Archiver then you have to use an application specific password. After you have created such a password you can use it in Mail Archiver.

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Review of MailTags from SmallCubed for Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura

MailTags is part of MailSuite by SmallCubed and is a plugin for Mail to add more information to emails - tags, colors, notes and due dates:

With MailTags, you can quickly attach various tag information to easily identify and find messages later. Beyond the simple organization provided by folders and keyword labels, MailTags organization can include dates, notes, projects, importance, and more. There are many features to discover as you explore and use MailTags to achieve email organization nirvana. Here are a few that we think are really important to mention at the onset.

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Unblock yourself with LittleSnitch for Mail Archiver, Mail and Outlook

A Mail Archiver user wanted my help because he couldn't archive anymore after he got a new computer. We did a Zoom session and I immediately saw the problem. The IMAP accounts all showed "No mailboxes found". When I tried to log into his accounts I got error messages for all of them.

What was going on? We tried to re-enter the passwords. But no dice. Then it dawned me: was the user using Little Snitch? Yes, he was. We set Little Snitch to temporarily allow all connections and everything was fine.

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Using Eagle Filer with Mail Archiver for PDFs

Today I'm going to look at the application Eagle Filer by C-Command for importing PDFs that were created by Mail Archiver. This is the second app I recommend to use together with Mail Archiver. At the end of November I had a look at the app DevonThink in the article Using DevonTHINK with Mail Archiver for PDFs.

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Importing emails into Mail

In August 2022 I did some blog articles on exporting emails from Mail:

Exporting emails from Mail: Mail offers different methods for exporting. Mail being Mail has always had problems with pesky details like counting. So it's not a surprise that each export method has slightly different results. I compared the different methods of exporting.

Exporting emails from Mail with AppleScript - advanced topics: In a 2 parter I developed a simple framework for an AppleScript to export the selected emails to emlx files.

Today I'm going to import emails back into Mail. Like with the articles on exporting I'm going to use different types of import.

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Rules for iCloud

In the last blog entry we talked about rules in AppleMail. Those are done after the emails have been downloaded. Synchronising the rules over multiple computers may or may not work.

If you only use iCloud then you can filter your emails directly in iCloud at the source. The rules are similar to the rules in Mail but not identical. They are way simpler for example....

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Using DevonTHINK with Mail Archiver for PDFs

Mail Archiver's Internal Database has a built in viewer that shows the emails exactly like an email client does. For PDFs there is no built in viewer. Of course, it's possible to use Finder and Preview for viewing and searching PDFs. But it's much more comfortable to use an app like DEVONThink for the PDFs.

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Changing all emails of an account in Mail

A Mail Archiver user went a bit overboard with testing. Instead of using one small mailbox for testing if the blue coloring works fine she colored all her emails. Ooops! I'll explain what exactly the blue coloring is and how to reverse it. Then I'll apply the script for another property of an email.

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