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Hosting updated on 18-May-2018

Next Wednesday 18-May-2018 the hosting company updates the website hosting to a newer version. I hope that the website will be unavailable only for a short

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Manual is back

The manual website is back. The support then borked the main website and this is now fixed,

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On Postbox 6

Postbox 6 has changed how mails are stored. Here is an overview over what has changed: 1. Instead of using /user/Library/Application Support/Postbox Postbox 6 now uses /user/Library/Application Support/PostboxApp . This means that any older version

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Manual website is borked

As everyone these days I'm busy with the lovely GDPR. After I got the SSL certificate installed the manual website now shows the content of the main website. This is going to get fixed in the next

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So far this year has been very interesting.

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