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Chasing the Beachball with Instruments, take two

In the last article about Instruments we had a first look how to analyse an app where a beachball was visible. The example was quite boring, though. Today we are going to look at a better example.

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How to get passwords out of the Keychain

If you want to archive from your IMAP accounts in Mail Archiver you need the passwords of those accounts. When you have trouble finding the passwords I will show you how to fish them out of the Keychain Access app.

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How to get the fastest possible speed for archiving

Archiving speed is dependent on many factors like number of emails archived or if you use an old hard disk versus an SSD. The FAQ entry will show you how to combine archiving from email client and IMAP to greatly increase speed of archiving.

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Testing with Instruments

The first part of the series on getting started with Instruments we had a look at the interface. In the second part we did some test preparation. Today we are finally going to do some testing.

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Preparing for testing with Instruments

Before we can do some actual testing with Instruments we are going to do some thinking about what we want to test, how we want to test and how to measure testing.

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