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Big Sur: first impressions

All major websites that cover macOS have had a look at the shiny new features. I'm going to look at the parts that I don't like.

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Sorting bug fixed for next beta

A user complained that sorting didn't work correctly. He clicked on a field in the header of the email list and sorting would work. After clicking again sorting would not work.

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How to use rules in Outlook

After the articles on rules in Mail and iCloud I’m going to look at Outlook today. As usual Microsoft does features a little different than Apple...

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Rules for iCloud

In the last blog entry we talked about rules in AppleMail. Those are done after the emails have been downloaded. Synchronising the rules over multiple computers may or may not work.

If you only use iCloud then you can filter your emails directly in iCloud at the source. The rules are similar to the rules in Mail but not identical. They are way simpler for example....

Categories: Beatrix on Email
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