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Find Any File: an indispensable tool for your daily work

Spotlight problemsI never liked Spotlight. In 99% of all my searches I search for files. In Spotlight I have to type the filename. Yes, I want to search files. Then I have to set the type to document so that the search does't find emails or other

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Prefs Editor: delete or edit your preferences files

In the blog article The reason why re-installing software isn't a good troubleshooting method and what to do instead I discussed why re-installing software isn't necessary. I said that deleting the preferences usually is a better method for

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How to make invisible Files visible in Finder

In Finder some files and folders are invisible. Sometimes I need to view those.Starting with Sierra it's very easy to show the invisible stuff.In Finder do a Cmd-Shift-.My user folder without invisible files:The same folder with invisible files:If

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Quick Tip: How to see the location of the currently open archive

Sometimes you may not remember which archive you are archiving to. Of course, you can search in Finder for vdb files. However, there is a nice little trick to find the location of the currently open archive.Do a Command-Click on the icon of Mail

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Why doesn't Mail Archive archive to the new archive in the Setup?

You want to create a new archive. You opened the Setup -> Data Format and clicked on the New button so that your screen looks like this:After closing the window you clicked on the Archive! button. But the new archive wasn't created. The problem was

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Mail Archiver 5.1.2 is available

Version 5.1.2 has a couple of important bug fixes:In one of the betas I made the bug that the scheduler was running twice after reinstalling. The scheduler is now started only once.I got the occasional report that there was an error message "you

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On reproducing problems

What does reproducing problems mean?You do "a" in an app, you do "b" in the app and get a crash or see a bug. You do "a" again followed by "b". If you get the same behaviour again you have reproduced the problem.I sometimes get emails with "I tried

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