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How to immediately check if a mail is spam or not: Sender and Reply-to

Nigerian SpamSome mails are easier to recognise as spam than others. Has anyone NOT gotten a mail like the one below?The mail is a variety of the classic "Nigerian prince" mail. Give me some money and I'll give you back a lot. There still must be

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Video Tutorial: Preferences

The below video will give an overview of the options in the Preferences of Mail

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How to check with Activity Viewer what any application is doing

The article will show you how to peek with the system utility "Activity Viewer" what any app is doing.Let's say that an app get's stuck doing something. Here we are going to use Mail Archiver because it's convenient.You are doing some archiving with

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New: Youtube channel

Moth Software - that's me - is using Fleeq to create simple tutorials for Mail Archiver. Those are available here in the blog. They will also be available in a YouTube channel at:Moth Software

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Video Tutorial: how to select mailboxes for archiving

Mail Archiver allows you fine grained control over which mailboxes you can archive. You can archive everything. Or you can archive only some mailboxes. Additionally, you can exclude mailboxes from being archived.The video will show you the

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