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What to do when mails aren't moved to the trash for Mail

A long long time ago Outlook was a bit finicky. There was an internal database that was prone to corruption. Since 2016 Microsoft got their act together with Outlook and I haven't had any report about corruption since then.In contrast Mail get's

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Import data into a new Filemaker archive

When using the internal database the database is updated by the application whenever a field is added or removed. When using Filemaker you either have to make the changes yourself or you import the data into the current template. The video below

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Mail Archiver 4.3.2 is available

Mail Archiver 4.3.2 improves Mojave compatibility, adds support for GSuite and fixes some bugs.New features are:You can now archive from GSuite.Imap ports can have 4 digits.The communication between the scheduler helper app and the main app has been

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Why does Gmail only archive the latest 2000 emails?

In Mail Archiver you want to archive usually either all mails or older mails. For the email client you usually need the newest emails first. So that you don't download GBs of older mails to your email client there is a setting in Gmail to prevent

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