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Possible data loss in Mail after updating to Catalina

Michael Tsai is the developer of Eagle Filer - a sort of competitor to Mail Archiver -, SpamSieve and DropDMG. Yesterday he warned about data loss in Mail after updating to Catalina.

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Mail Archiver 5.1.5 and Catalina

Mail Archiver 5.1.5 fixes a couple of minor bugs including some fixes for Catalina.

The press is either love, peace and harmony or gloom and doom. They only report the new features of Catalina. But I haven't seen anything about the problems that Catalina has. Therefore, please update to Catalina with a plan.

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How to move an archive

Nowadays laptops still could use larger SSDs. With the smaller SSDs the large archives from Mail Archiver use a lot of space. You may want to move your archive or archives to a secondary hard disk.
Of course, you can just copy the archive to the hard disk. There are a couple of details you may need to consider.

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How to reset the mailboxes selected for archiving?

User Michael wanted to reset the mailboxes he had selected for archiving.Of course, you can get the big hammer out and use Prefs Editor.If you want something less destructive then there is a small checkbox in the Mailbox selection of the Email Info

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Mail Archiver 5.1.4 fixes a couple of scheduler related bugs

Version 5.1.3 fixed some bugs for the scheduler. Unfortunately, it also introduced some new bugs. 5.1.4 fixes those and 2 other bugs:When the scheduler starts the main app it again starts archiving.The scheduler is again running after

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Websites now with Google Translate

Translations are a lot of work. I speak German and English so I can handle those 2 languages myself. Keeping German and English translations for the websites in synch is tricky - let alone doing this for more languages.Translating the blog is too

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Mail Archiver 5.1.3 is available

5.1.3 is an important milestone because finally Mail Archiver has been notarized and is ready for Catalina. You can download the new version from the Moth Software website.There are only a couple of bug fixes:Fixed an error "Internal Table Overflow"

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A summer-end week in the garden

Like last year the summer was hot hot hot. The end of August was very welcome but it also meant the start of the garden work.The roots of the reeds in my small pond had grown thick. I usually cut the roots off as they grow further into the pond.

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