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Hey - email as social media

A Mail Archiver user wanted to know if Mail Archiver can archive from Hey. I took this as opportunity to look at Hey which promises a new email experience.

Hey is from Basecamp which sells a project management tool of the same name. Basecamp had an altercation with Apple about in-app purchases for Hey. Basecamp didn’t want to pay the usual 30% for in-app purchases. Calling Apple “gangsters” for sure is a way to make yourself friends.

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Archiving from IMAP

If you want to archive from an email client then you only have to select mailboxes. For IMAP you need more information. The article will give you an overview over what you need and links to other articles with details.

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Mail Archiver 5.3.1 is available

Mail Archiver 5.3.1 fixes a number of bugs. Among others a couple of additional bugs for Big Sur have been fixed.

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