Are your mailboxes out of control?

  • Do you get daily emails from your hosting company that the maximum size of your email account will be reached soon?
  • Or you can’t send out any emails anymore because your mailbox is already completely full and you urgently need to write to your customers.
  • Is your email client slow as molasses?
  • Did you accidentally delete some emails for good?
  • Did you try to move your emails manually to an „archive“ mailbox but you lost your precious mailbox organization?
  • Did you forgot to do the manual archival because you had to do something more important to do?
  • Did you trust Google but your data got stolen?

Do you want to tame your email client and your email accounts? Email clients never were meant to receive the amount of emails that we are getting now. Remove some or most of the emails from your email client and make it snappy again.

What Mail Archiver can do for you

Set up Mail Archiver once and you will never need to remember to archive manually. And you keep your mailbox organization. Mail Archiver can work like a regular backup.

Mail Archiver makes your email client snappy again by removing the emails from the email accounts. When you delete the email from the account or the email client, it will stay in Mail Archiver.

Imagine coming to the office each morning never getting the dreaded „quota is full“ mail again. Never feel anxious again for losing an important email. And even if you accidentally delete an email: you don't even work up a sweat because you know that Mail Archiver has your back.

What are users saying about Mail Archiver X:

Main features of Mail Archiver X:

Email clients and services

All major email clients are supported: Apple Mail, Outlook, Postbox and Thunderbird. Of course, Gmail and Exchange are supported, too.

Archive automatically

After you've set up archiving, future archives can be created automatically with the scheduler component. And these are smart archives - taking only what you have not archived before.

Flexible export formats

Easily archive your email to PDF, Filemaker or the Internal Datebase to suit your needs. From the Internal Database you can export your data to PDF or Filemaker.

Protect and speed up

Archive as much of your email as you want, or archive and speed up your email client by removing the mails from the email client.

Find your emails easily

Search archived email as easily as you search email today.

Automatic verification

Mail Archiver X automatically checks and verifies as good whenever emails are added to an archive.

What happened when I didn't use Mail Archiver X for my own mail:

A couple of years ago I was too busy to use Mail Archiver myself. I got the lovely "you mail quota is almost full". Every day I thought that I have enough time to use my app.

Then one day the mail quota was full. I needed to send mails to customers and couldn't. I wanted a quick fix and tried to archive manually. But I still couldn't send mails because the mails I had archived weren't deleted.

AppleMail seemed to delete the mail but it didn't. The mails were still there, but they were invisible. I had to call the support of my hosting company to temporarily increase the quota. Then I had to delete the invisible mails manually in the webinterface, which was no fun.

I lost 2 hours of my life because I was too lazy. "Never again" I told myself.

Therefore: don't wait until it is too late.

Standard version of Mail Archiver X

Mail Archiver X has a free demo mode which has the same functionality as the paid version. The application in demo mode can be used for 10 calendar days.

Mail Archiver standard version is a desktop application for the Mac, which can be bought with a one-time payment of $44.95 (with tax where applicable).

You can use Mail Archiver for your own mail. You can archive as many mails as you want from as many accounts as you have. And you can use the application on all your computers.

Mail Archiver X Pro

Starting with version 5 two additional versions of Mail Archiver X are available. Mail Archiver X Pro is a server version of the standard version. The standard version expects the archive to be local. Network drives or cloud solutions are not supported. If you want to access an archive from different locations you had to make sure that only one user at a time opened the archive. The server version allows multiple users to access archives at the same time.

The Pro version has 2 different licenses. The workgroup license supports up to 5 concurrent users. The single user license is for one single user who wants to access his archives from multiple locations or from a network drive.

The workgroup license costs 500$ plus tax. The single user license costs 150$ plus tax. A license is valid for one year. You need a subscription to continue to archive mails. Without a current license the application reverts to trial mode: you can access your mails but you can't archive or export the mails. A yearly subscription of the workgroup license costs 150$ plus tax, the single user subscription costs 50$ plus tax per year.

Or learn more in the Tour.

Money-back guarantee:

Mail Archiver can be returned within 30 days of purchasing the application if you aren't happy with it.