Overview of Mail Archiver X

All important Mail Clients are supported

  • Mail
  • Postbox
  • Outlook
  • Powermail
  • Thunderbird

Or archive directly from Gmail or iCloud without any mail client.

Archive from any IMAP account.

Archive Exchange/Gmail

Exchange is supported for Apple Mail, and Microsoft Entourage and Outlook.

You can archive Gmail via your mail client or directly.

Archive mails from Gmail
Archive mails from Exchange with Mail or Outlook

Archive mbox files

Mail Archiver X can archive mbox files without any mail client.

Built-in email viewer

The built-in browser has the familar 3-pane interface of every mail client.

Mail Viewer

Flexible Formats

You can archive directly to the Internal Database, Filemaker - if you have a Filemaker license -, PDF and Evernote. If you archive to the internal database you can export the complete or partial data to Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, MBOX or Text (csv).

Setup Dataformat

Options for Archival or Export

Each format has options to tailor the export to your needs. The screenshot shows the options for PDF.

Stacks Image 1918

Filemaker Support

If you have a Filemaker license then you can use Filemaker for your archive. Filemaker versions 16-18 are supported.

Filemaker Archive.png

Set up once and forget: the Scheduler

It's just a bit annoying to remember to do something. Archive daily, weekly, monthly or once a quarter.

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Any questions that this page didn't solve? Go to Moth Software support and ask.