Buy Update

A licensed user is entitled to any updates and/or new versions, free of charge, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. When the time of free updates is over the update check will give a message that for a new version a payment will be required. The current version will continue to work even if you don't want to update.

The following screenshot shows the update checker which the message that the new update will not be free:

Warning in update checker that update is paid

If you click on the Cancel button the update will not be done and you can continue working with the current version. Clicking on proceed downloads the new version. After installing and starting the new version it will revert to trial mode for 10 days. Both the main window and the Setup will show the same button with red text "License is expired. Click here to renew your license."

Main window with warning that license has expired

After clicking on the button the shop will be loaded with a reduction of 40% off the full price. The rest of the purchase is identical to a normal purchase.

Purchase window for update

Update without current License

If you don't have a current license then do the following:

  1. Send yourself the old license by selecting Mail Archiver X -> Resend License from the menu.
  2. When registering the app you will get a dialog that the license has expired.
  3. You will see the same information as shown above the expired license in the bottom bar. Click there and buy the update at a reduced price.
License expired for old license