What is new for Mail Archiver X version 5.1?

Version 5.1 concentrates on speed:

  • Archiving mails from Mail is fast again. 2 times faster than before!
  • Writing to the index is now faster than before. There is no beachball shown for larger mails.
  • Archiving to Filemaker is about 20-30% faster and is less likely to have errors. The memory leak is Filemaker is also much better.

And the rest:

  • It's now possible to re-upload mails to an IMAP server.
  • Added support for the new MailTags version.
  • It's now possible to delete/change the Gmail authentication.
  • Exporting now works with a large selection.
  • The Filemaker file is copied to documents during installation.
  • The Filemaker options for attachments have been improved.

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