What is new for Mail Archiver X version 7.1?

Archive faster than ever: Mail Archiver itself is about 100% faster for everything compared to version 7.0. Additionally, archive from IMAP in minutes with the new option "Archive new emails only".

Archive new emails only

There is a new option to archive in a range. You can select to archive only new emails with "since last archival date". Newly selected mailboxes will be archived completely. Afterwards only new emails will be added. The date of the last archival date will be shown.

Archive only new emails

New Option for deleting or moving emails to the trash

"Delete emails in the same date/day range as for archiving" uses the settings from the Options area to delete/move emails to the trash.

Move emails to trash/bin

More IMAP Presets

It's easier than ever to add a new IMAP account. Select GMX, Hotmail, Outlook Live or Proton Mail from the list of IMAP presets. Then you only need to enter your email address and your password.

Select IMAP account

Use your own accounts for sending scheduler emails

Select an account from available ones to send yourself emails. The account must have an email address and an SMTP server.

Use your own accounts to send scheduler notifications

Use Option Click to open or close all mailboxes

Use Option Click to open or close all mailboxes

Recover a lost License from within the App

Finally it's possible to recover a license from within the application. Select Mail Archiver X -> Resend License from the menu.

Resend license window

More modern look for the Tour

The Tour now has some links with icons and a description instead of text links.

Tour window

Speed Improvements

Feature 5061: Improved speed of installing and removing app.
Feature 5080: Improved the archiving of attachments for Filemaker.
Feature 5148: Improved speed of loading mailboxes for an account in the Setup.
Feature 5101: Improved archiving speed for Mail.

Pro Version

Feature 4527: Added some information when directories are changed for the Pro Admin version.
Feature 4687: Updated some server properties to new names.
Feature 4886: When Valentina Server crashes on start there is now an error message.
Feature 5137: Updated scripts for Valentina Server installer to use the new syntax for launchctl.


Feature 2752: It's now possible to drag a mailbox into another mailbox.
Feature 3635: Loading of images, CSS, fonts and JavaScript into the viewer can now be blocked.
Feature 4234: Added new icons for installer and uninstaller.
Feature 4321: Underscores are now removed from originator and recipients.
Feature 4686: The architecture (Intel vs. ARM) is now in the analytics data, too.
Feature 4794: It's now possible to delete emails immediately.
Feature 4930: When the mailboxes in the Setup are screwed up then the mailboxes are now reset completely.
Feature 4936: The selection of the mailboxes no longer depends on the parent mailbox being open or closed.
Feature 4941: Emails in Inbox and Sent Messages now show the account in the list of emails.
Feature 4960: Analytics are now done without Google Analytics.
Feature 5013: It's now possible to add multiple accounts to a plan.
Feature 5016: When moving emails to the trash for Outlook it's now possible to use a category "Trash" instead.
Feature 5028: The recent items now show the path of the archive.
Feature 5030: When loading mailboxes for an account and it's not possible to log into the account there is now a better error message than "can't get the mailboxes" for IMAP accounts.
Feature 5036: AppleScripts and their result can now be logged into the session logs.
Feature 5049: The maximum length for PDFs is now 250 characters.
Feature 5059: Added message when database dump has been created.
Feature 5060: It's now possible to drag Inbox/Send Messages out of the list of mailboxes in the main window.
Feature 5063: "Delete" in toolbar and menu has been renamed to "move to trash".
Feature 5065: Improved labels for exporting to mbox.
Feature 5066: When an IMAP account is copied the password is now copied, too.
Feature 5070: When a plan doesn't have mailboxes a diagnosis is no longer done.
Feature 5071: During trial it's now only possible to export 100 emails to Filemaker or PDF.
Feature 5077: Added support for German start of week for Schedules.
Feature 5097: When creating a new schedule and there is only one active plan then the plan is added to the schedule automatically.
Feature 5098: Information about active plans for schedules is now loaded for all schedules and not only the current one.
Feature 5113: It's now possible to add an IMAP account manually.
Feature 5119: Notifications are now also shown when the app is in front.
Feature 5128: Select All now also works in the search field.
Feature 5139: When quitting and exporting the Settings the database of the Setup is now flushed to disk.
Feature 5143: The reset of the trial time is now handled automatically.
Feature 5144: It's now possible to do an option click to open and close all mailboxes in the Setup.
Feature 5146: Added check for attachments from Mail if they are really there.
Feature 5154: Added information about the license in the Settings/Preferences.
Feature 5177: Added check if the app is in the correct location for the scheduler.
Feature 5196: When archiving to PDF there is now a warning if the user or the documents folder are selected.
Feature 5197: Only Mail Archiver PDFs are now added to the cache.