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Archiving from iCloud

If you want to archive iCloud emails directly in Mail Archiver then you have to use an application specific password. After you have created such a password you can use it in Mail Archiver.

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On reporting a security problem to Apple

To archive emails from Mail my app Mail Archiver needs Full Disk Access. After revoking Full Disk Access on Sonoma Mail Archiver still was able to archive emails from Mail. When I reported the problem to Apple the ticket was closed as "not a security problem".

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How to move an archive

Nowadays laptops still could use larger SSDs. With the smaller SSDs the large archives from Mail Archiver use a lot of space. You may want to move your archive or archives to a secondary hard disk.
Of course, you can just copy the archive to the hard disk. There are a couple of details you may need to consider.

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How to check with Activity Monitor what any application is doing

The article will show you how to peek with the system utility "Activity Monitor" what any app is doing.Let's say that an app get's stuck doing something. Here we are going to use Mail Archiver because it's convenient.

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Resetting Settings and Information from the Setup

Very rarely it's necessary to reset Settings or the Setup. When you start Mail Archiver with the Shift and Control keys pressed then you will see a dialog to delete either Settings or the Setup information.

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Export emails to mbox when the archive is corrupted

In rare cases archives from Mail Archiver can become corrupt. In bad cases the emails have to be exported to mbox. Because the corrupted location is not know before exporting I have to work around the location.

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How to re-upload your emails back into your email client

Mail Archiver can export your emails into mbox format. Mail is very picky what it imports. Eml files work better than mbox files. Postbox only imports files with a special structure. Outlook doesn't import mbox or eml files at all.

But you can easily upload your emails to an IMAP account.

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